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Best Albondigas Soup

I love Albondigas soup. In fact I love soup! Especially when its cold, like NOW! I have recently had a craving for some, and I have a couple places I can find it everyday, and it is good but not really special. I like it the way my grandmother from Chihuahua used to make it. Not spicy. Any suggestions. Preferably near Pasadena. YUM! BTW you chowhounders are *COOL*.

I have a whole review about soups here: http:rantsnravesnreviews.blogspot.com

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  1. Hello,

    La Nueva Posada (On Foothill Blvd. in Pasadena) has really good albondigas soup...

    1. Try Los Gueros and if you go, be sure that you get the guacamole, prepared tabelside.

      Los Gueros
      313 West Huntington Dr.,
      (626) 358-0200

      1. If you are in the Valley you would be hard pressed to find a heartier or tastier bowl of albondigas

        Dos Arbolitos Restaurant
        9034 Woodley Ave
        North Hills, CA 91343
        818) 891-6661

        1. My house, no brag, just fact. Turkey, beef, pork, you name it.

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            Cool. My aubuela taught me how to make chiles rellenos, fideo and other things, but not albondigas. I wish....

          2. Mi India Bonita on Olympic in ELA has good albondigas. Their soups remind me a lot of my grandma's cooking.

            1. if you're ever in la habra, Ricardo's El Ranchito off beach blvd has fantastic abondiga soup.

              1. Tried the albondigas at La Nueva Posada this weekend! Lots of veggies, and the broth had lots of flavor with out being spicy, albondigas is not supposed to be spicy! YUM! It was good, going to Cabrera's next, can make that one during lunch.

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                  read Diana Kennedy's book with albondigas recipes if you think it is not supposed to be spicy! It's is like meatloaf in this country, how many people still think it's not meatloaf w/o ketchup. One of Diana's recipes includes fresh mint in the mix, a trick I love to use still. But I dont go for her chiplotle hot version, what can I say I grew up with El Cholo's version! Sort of American coffee shop version of that.

                2. After all your recommendations:

                  I have tried this wonderful comfort food at almost every Mexican restaurant I go to. So far I have tired Max’s in Azusa, Caberra’s in Duarte, Peppers in Arcadia, La Nueva Posada in Pasadena, Mijares in Pasadena, Los Gueros in Monrovia and Sergios in Azusa, and probably more. That is not counting mi abuelas.

                  So is there a clear winner? Not really. I liked the meatballs at Caberra’s but the broth had no flavor, the broth at La Nueva Posada was fantastic but the meatballs were a little dense and there were no potatoes. Sergios vegetables were way to mushy, Max’s had a good average on everything, but probably the best was Los Gueros, everything was good but there were no potatoes. Obviously I have my perfect soup all picked out. I will order one of my favorite comfort foods again at Los Gueros, Max’s and La Nueva Posada, but after that the search is still on. Got a picture here too!

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                    Glad you enjoyed Los Gueros.

                    Did you get the guac?

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                      Nope. Next time. Ordered the soup To Go! Wish they had potatos in it, it would be perfect! Thanks for the tip, any other suggestions from their menu?

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                        Most things are pretty good.

                        The best part of Los Gueros, in my opinion, are their chips and salsas (free) paired with the gauc prepared tableside (not free).

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                      Although it's not the most authentic place (more in the vein of old school California-Mexican), the albondigas soup at La Cabana, on Rose in Venice, is great.

                    3. We had a very nice Albondigas at Pepe's in La Canada/Crescenta. They are affiliated with Margarita's on Rosemead so maybe they have it there. I believe I recall their being potatoes in it. We were fighting over the meatballs - very tender.

                      1. I like the albondigas at El Compadre.

                        1. My buddy loves the Albondigas at Dos Arbolitos, but how then how would you save room for their carne asada burrito?

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                            That is too true! the carne asada there is soooooo good.... better carnitas at Carillo' tho