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Feb 8, 2007 06:25 PM

la plancha vs. the griddle - differences?

Is a griddle more likely to be ribbed?
Is the plancha, besides also meaning an iron, different in terms of usage in the kitchen?

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  1. I was forunate enough to work with Chef Ed Brown at The Sea Grill In Rockville Center in NYC for 4 years. Plancha griddles or flat tops are chrome plated which prevents reaction with the food. Some base metal griddles will depart a subtle flavor to the food you're cooking. Also, with a planch if you use a low even heat and a drop of oil you can toast the fodd and carmelize some of the natural sugars in the food. The Sea Grill used the Planch Grill soley for fish. In my experience placha grills are flat but I'm sure you could rib it