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Feb 8, 2007 06:19 PM

Fun Resturants in South Florida: miami

My friends birthday is coming up and she is turing 21. Does anyone have an idea of cool place to go?

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  1. Barton G- the presentation is fun and over the top and it has a celebratory atmosphere. It is a bit pricey but def. appropriate for a 21 yr old (good drinks, too).

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      I second Barton G. It's exactly right for a bday, especially a 21st. It's very pricey so be warned. Food is great and the presentation is so cool. Also you'll then be on south beach to party away. don't worry if you get a late reservation. in fact, late is better because south beach partying doesn't get going until 12 or 1 am anyway.

      1. I havent been to either in about a year, but China Grill and Tuscan Steak are great places for young peope to celebrate.

        1. Social at the Sagamore in South Beach

          1. Presentation and atmosphere at Barton G is good for a party, but it is a real stretch to say the food is "great." We were there recently for a birthday and the food was OK but would never bring anyone back if not for the shtick. You're also not quite "on" South Beach in that it's on West Avenue. It's probably no more than a mile west of the main part of SoBe (Washington/Collins/Ocean) but you probably wouldn't want to walk it in your party best.

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              Hey, at least they didn't recommend tantra :). To the OP. Lax has the right answer for sceney. Dia has the right answer for less sceney (but still a scene) more let your hair down kind of fun.

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                Last time we went, we considered the food great. It may have gone downhill or perhaps you and I have different tastes. Last time I checked, West Ave was part of South Beach. You're absolutely right that she will need to cab it vs walk to the clubs etc.

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                  We were at Barton G a couple months ago and the food ranged from good ("millionaire's baked potato" loaded w/ lobster along with a bunch of other goodies) to passable ("duck decoy") to inedible ("sashimi sno-cones"). I can't imagine ever going back just for the food but it's still a fun place for a party group if you're ready to spend a lot of money.

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                    Have you been to Barton G since Chef Blais arrived from Atlanta? Robyn

                    1. re: pvgirl

                      Arrived and left. Apparently Blais and Barton had a falling out and Blais is gone.

                      1. re: lax2mia

                        From the report I read Blais never actually got into the kitchen at Barton G:

                        I think he was basically relegated to playing bartender (and they did have these wacky drinks when we were there so it must have been during Blais' brief stint):