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Feb 8, 2007 05:50 PM

Jury Duty Tomorrow---HELP?

Just found out I have jury duty way downtown tomorrow (I don't check my snailmail box as often as I should, apparently). Any viable Chow options in the vicinity of the courthouse? (Chinatown is fair game but alternate cuisines in striking distance are equally -- and warmly-- appreciated). Thanks!

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  1. Doyers Vietnam is a decent standby

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    1. re: Simon

      Thanx Simon, but as I'm not familiar with the area, might you have an address and/or website for me?

    2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Forloni's is one of the classic "lawyer's haunts" down by the courts. Its an old-school red-sauce italian joint located in Chinatown (used to be little italy before Chinatown spread). Not sure exactly where though, its been a while. I'd say its beyond the park that's across from the new Federal Court house and behind 80 Center (the Louis J Lefkowitz building). (yes, I am a lawyer).

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            93 Baxter, behind 100 Center Street, one block south of Canal, highly recm'd

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              I ate at Forlini's with my lawyer after a court date, and I have to say it was just barely alright. Last spring I had jury duty and ate at Joe's Shanghai the first two days (it's on Pell, a few doors in from East Broadway), and then when I was picked to be on an actual jury and was assigned to the courthouse on West Broadway, I ate at Le Petite Abeille, bought bread at Bouley Bakery and had a FANTASTIC and cheap burger at Nancy Whiskey's.

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                I ate there during a trial and ordered grilled salmon, seemingly the safest thing on the menu and didn't eat it after the first bite as it was bad.......truly awful---some lawyers are total creatures of habit - it is the only way to explain how that hoary old place stays in business. Love Joe's Shanghai and also really love Dim Sum Go Go, especially on week days when there are no crowds - have the shrimp and scallion steamed dumplings!

          2. I'd suggest coffee and pastries from Bouley Bakery and then consider going back for a sandwich at lunch. You could also check out Blaue Gans. They usually have a prix fixe lunch that includes soup - good for a cold day like today.