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Feb 8, 2007 04:29 PM

Tomorrow is last day here - where to get good breakfast taco in RR or Parmer area?

I saw the thread but with only names of places and not knowing the area, I have no idea where to go. Needs to be close by - staying in RR and driving to Parmer before hading to airport at lunch. I missed the ones at the office this morning and they told me where they get them but I can't remember. I can't handle ONE more morning of the hotel's horrible free breakfast especially with another cold shower facing me tomorrow morning (they took the water heater down yesterday for 4 hours still didn't fix the problem and then took it down again today and after the ice cold water this morning, I am not counting on much more tomorrow morning.) MUST HAVE WARM GOOD FOOD to keep me going!


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  1. Ooh ooh Rudy's at 1431 and IH 35, they have the best breakfast tacos. Egg with lots of butter and bacon (get bacon their sausage is like Eckrich sausage in little pellets, sux) And get fresh made, the ones you pick up they break up the bacon and it gets steamed instead of crunchy like the made to order. With the tomatillo (green) sauce. They make a chop beef and egg too that I like to eat half of one of.

    1. Coincidentally, I found a pretty good taco place at the corner of Parmer and Mopac just today. The place is Don Luis Supertaco and Café. It's a little hard to see, but it's on the southbound access road of Mo-Pac just south of Parmer.

      I tried a sampler of tacos this afternoon. The flour tortillas were made in-house, a flatter tortilla without the lardiness or puffiness that I've come to expect from homemade tortillas, but still tasty in their own way. Tacos on corn tortillas came with two decent, small corn tortillas.

      I tried the fajita, picadillo, and al pastor fillings. The fajita was an unexceptional sauté of beef, peppers, and onions, with a lingering chile flavor. The picadillo had good potato flavor, but the meat did not add much flavor to the filling. The tacos al pastor were hand-chopped pieces of pork with a tasty flavoring of citrus and pineapple.

      There's a lot of menu there to cover at Don Luis, but the selections I've had so far are encouraging, and I'll probably be back. I'd say it's almost certain that I'd be pleased with their breakfast tacos as well. If you give them a try, please let us know how they are.

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        You weren't kidding about trying new places, Knoblauch! Don Luis is hard to find. I've been there once, and I liked what I had. Their housemade flour tortillas are thin and almost transparent in spots, due to the high shortening-to-flour ratio. I thought they were good, although it tastes like they use Crisco or even vegetable oil in the masa. My favorite tortillas always have some lard in them. Or butter. You may be used to a San-Antonio-style flour tortilla, which is thicker—baking powder is added to the masa—yet chewy and tender. I love that kind, too.

        The fillings at Don Luis that I've tried are: barbacoa, chicharrones en chile, and carne guisada. The barbacoa was the best by far. It was nice and fatty, with really good flavor. It reminded me of the good-quality barbacoa that's so easily found on weekends at local panaderías in San Antonio. By that I mean: This is GOOD barbacoa. The chicharrones en chile were also satisfying: very spicy, with a nice texture to the pork skin. The carne guisada was very tender from long stewing. Unlike most versions of this dish, DL's contained potatoes, too, like a beef stew. It wasn't bad, but I thought it bland and underseasoned. In other words, it was just so-so.

        Their green, avocado-based salsa was creamy and hot. The red one, made from fresh tomatoes and green chiles, was watery. That made its flavors seem weak in comparison. I'll definitely be back to try more of their chow.

        For the OP [original poster]: Rudy's is a local barbecue chain (unless BTAustin is talking about another Rudy's); Tacodeli is an "upscale taquería"; and Don Luis is a cheerful red restaurant run by a Mexican-American guy who used to have his own taco truck.

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          Thanks y'all. We've gone for lunch a couple of times and everythign has been good so far (fish taco, green chile pork, al pastor, barbacoa, nachos, salsa). And, they will give you a beer or two for free right now (until they get the liquor license)> Be sure to tip for that.

          Everyone in my 7 person crew liked the place.

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            That was fast work, rudeboy! And thanks for the report on the additional dishes.

            Let us know if you find other must-try items at Don Luis. I'm not in that area every day, but I'm always willing to make a special trip for delicious chow.


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              Went and tried it out for dinner tonight and was very tasty and very very cheap. I had a barbacoa (very moist), a fish taco (remarkably ungreasy and very flavorful), and an al pastor (seemed like it wasn't from a trompo but still very good, tender, slightly spciy with nnot too much pineapple). The green sauce will light your world on fire. Service was friendly and they have those "garage door" style windows so there was a nice pleasant breeze (I did notice there was no central air....2 window it may get a little toasty come summer). They also have a very nice flat screen around a bar area that might be nice for sports viewing...maybe a spurs playoff game in the future. Overall a great experience. I can't wait to try the breakfast tacos.

        2. Near that area is TacoDeli. It is located in a shopping center where Burnet Road hits Duval. I am fond of their breakfast tacos and their salsa. For breakfast, they have all of their breakfast tacos plus their frontera fundido taco, and occasionally a breakfast special plate. If you haven't come here yet, stop by before you leave Austin.

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            1. Well dammit - I thought I might be the first one to report on this place, but nooo - get back to my desk and find someone has already been there. Guess I have to eat out more often to get ahead of MPH and Knoblauch.

              Anyway - was looking for a new place to try near work (Burnet/Mopac/Duval) and saw Don Luis Supertaco & Cafe. It's located just south of Parmer on the Mopac frontage road (going south). There's been several restaurants at this restaurant-killer location, but I'm hoping this one sticks around.

              Why? The food was good and (for the area) not overpriced. It's a pretty straight ahead operation - nothing fancy/upscale like Taco Deli just across Mopac. Basic, good mexican food. I sat at the bar (which was nice since I was by myself - sometimes I have to get away from work and co-workers) and was waited on by Don Luis himself, a very affable guy who was in the sign business and also ran a taco truck. He saw an opportunity to start his own place and took it, opening about two months ago.

              He made me a sample taco plate - one fajita beef, one chicken, one pork in green sauce. One was good (chicken), two were great (beef & pork). I like the tortillas - like mentioned above they are thin and on the cripsy side. The chicken taco was filled with plenty of meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato and slices of avacado. It was tasty, not out of this world but pretty good. The beef was fajita meat cubed, served with chopped onions & cilantro. The beef had a nice flavor, wasn't overcooked, and since they had cubed it, it was easy to take a bite without pulling half the ingrediants out. At Don's suggestion, I put some of the hot green/avacado salsa on top - the end result was really good (I took out about half the onions). The pork in green sauce was just excellent - according to Don (this one is his personal favorite) he marinates the pork in the sauce and then slow cooks it. I had saved it for last, and practically inhaled it after the first bite. Total price was $6, and I was full and happy afterwards.

              For any of you other north-central Austin work area chowhounds, I recommend this as a great new little place to grab lunch.

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                I know how you feel. I thought I was doing well by getting it on the board first, but lo and behold, MPH had already been there. I'll have to ramp up my own lunchinme excursions.