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Good loose tea in TO?

I'm looking for some really good quality oolong. Anyone know if the tea place in SLM is any good? or if there's somewhere better in the city?

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  1. I hear that the Tea Emporium in First Canadian Place is pretty good.

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      Tea Emporium (http://theteaemporium.com/customer/ho...) has a store at 351 Eglinton West, among other locations.

    2. Ten Ren Tea at Spadina and Dundas has every kind of Chinese tea imagineable. And House of Tea by the Rosedale subway is wonderful. The owner is charming, very helpful and is the biggest tea enthusiast you will ever meet. Tea Emporium is ok, but expect to pay more. After all, it is in the heart of the city's business district.

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        +1 for House of Tea ... I think HoT is also carried at Pusiteri's, but you are so right, the owner at her Rosedale location is so warm and charming ...

        ... and just noticed this is an old thread ...

      2. Try Tealish, it's a wonderful tea shop on Queen W near Trinity Bellwoods Park. They only sell loose leaf, and everything is kept in giant canisters behind the main counter, like a tea apothecary of sorts. Their tea list at www.tealish.com has several kinds of Oolong.

        1. There is the "The Old Tea Curiosity" at Markville mall. that has many loose teas

          1. There are a few tea shops along Bayview in Leaside. Although I've blanked on the name, a shop on the west side of Bayview has beautiful teas. I found a wonderful Lapsang Souchong there.

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              That's also a Tea Emporium on Bayview.

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                2 votes for this one -- we always pick some up when we're in town.

              2. Tealish just off queen....my wife loves it........

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                  Another vote for Tealish. Great place. But don't forget the Red Tea Box, just around the corner, and their organic white teas. Just wonderful.

                2. I have shopped at the Tea Emporium downtown at BCE place for a few years now. Good service and a large selection, but a little pricey for sure.

                  1. House Of Tea 1015 Yonge St (at Rosedale subway).
                    Located there for 10 years and huge selection. And they give good advice.

                    1. I quite like The Tea Leaf in Bayview Village mall. Their main store is in the Beaches. I have also tried Tea Emporium but hubby seems to be allergic to one of the flowers they use in their blended black teas.

                      I hope to try House of Tea soon.

                      1. Another vote for Ten Ren, especially for Chinese teas.I'm not terribly impressed by the tea "boutiques" around the GTA.

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                          Yes, but be aware that Ten Ren sells only green teas.

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                            The OP asked about oolong. Am I missing something? Even Ten Ren bagged teas are better than the over-priced musty stuff sold in most places.

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                              I don't know. When I went into Ten Ren looking for some specific teas, they told me it was green teas only. I wasn't looking for oolong, so I don't know whether they have it or not, but isn't oolong something between green tea and black tea?

                        2. Tea Emporium all the way. Three locations in Toronto: Eg and Avenue, South Bayview Village, First Cdn Place downtown. Huge selection and knowledgable staff. I like their Oolong Ti Kwan Yin - Iron Goddess of Mercy tea.

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                            I'd still skip a boutique for Chinese teas in favor of Ten Ren. Tie Guanyin is no biggie. Ten Ren also has a great selection of superb Yunnan teas that just aren't on offer elsewhere.