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Feb 8, 2007 04:14 PM

Most Romantic for Early Valentine's

I hope this isn't too repetitive. I saw a lot of "best of" posts, but nothing was based on romantic restaurants.

I'm a foodie from New York headed to Chicago for the first time to meet my boyfriend who lives on the west coast. We're celebrating Valentine's on Sunday. We're going to the Ford Theater to see Wicked in the afternoon, and though somewhere in that area would be great, it's not that important. (I wouldn't send anyone to eat in Midtown of New York:)

I will eat anything but my top three cuisines are definitely Italian, French bistro, and Sushi. Thanks so much ahead of time for your help! And please, if I can help you in the Big Apple anytime, let me know.

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    1. thanks nsxtasy! fun reading!

      1. If you want romantic, that really limits it. That said, the most romantic Italian restuarants (with great food) are: Merlo on Maple (not far from theatre district in Gold Coast) and Pane Caldo (also in Gold Coast). Pane Caldo is a bit more expensive than Merlo, although also fabulous. For french, try La Sardine, a short cab ride to West Loop, great food, reasonable and cozy (with a great hangar steak). For Sushi (never very romantic to me, but my favorite food), try Mirai upstairs. I think Italian would be your best bet and one of the first two I mentioned. Enjoy!