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Feb 8, 2007 03:44 PM

Fish and Chips in St. Louis

Hey all,

I've just relocated from Seattle, where you could get some pretty great fish and chips, and I'm having serious withdrawal. Anybody have any good places for fish and chips in the St. Louis area? I've had the Tap Room and McGurk's -- actually Tap Room was better even though McGurk's is more "authentic" -- but I don't live close to either place and would love to hear of some spots away from the city.

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  1. If you do not live near McGurk's or the Tap Room, then you probably don't live near The Billy Goat on Vandeventer just north of I-44. The Billy Goat is a wonderful neighborhood-feel restaurant and their fish and chips are quite nice.
    Since you just moved here from the West Coast, I suggest you try a midwestern fish: walleye, which you can get as walleye and chips at The Lazy River Grill, which is on Big Bend at Sulphur Springs in West County. Their street address on the internet is incorrect; you can find them in the Tree Top Shopping Center.

    1. Near a Red Robin? I know it's chain food, but I am kinda partial to their salmon and chips. They have cod as well, with a batter pretty similar to the Tap Room's.

      1. I'm with Doug, Mcgurk's or the Tap Room. I personally prefer the tap room. The fish and chips are very good, but better yet all those delicious Schlafly beers at your disposal. I think that Schlafly will have a Cask conditioned ale and Cod festival in March. You should go!

        1. I would also go with the Tap Room. I also had, years ago, really great fish and chips at a place in Union Station called Key West Cafe.

          1. Its unanimous so far. The Tap Room. I think that is their specialty, along with the sticky toffee pudding.