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Feb 8, 2007 03:37 PM

Spicy, affordable ethnic food, late night - NYC

hi! I am a big fan of Sripraphai & Penang(original) in Queens. I also love the ramen noodles at Kenka on St.Marks Place in NYC..

I am looking for similar inexpensive, spicy foods in NYC for the nights that I can't get to Queens.. Anyone?


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  1. Koreatown on 32nd and Broadway is great for late night, spicy food. Seoul Garden has spicy tofu soup which is great in the winter time.

    1. Seoul Garden all the way! Nothing like a nice spicy bowl of Soondubu! It's what they're known for!

      1. thanks, are there any thai places?

        1. i don't know if you're specifically going for thai or malaysian spice, but if your options are open, don't forget the all-night cabbie stands of indian food. pak-punjab and another right next door are 2 on Houston between Ave A and 1st Ave; and there's one also on 28th & Lex. really cheap and good.
          In K-Town, my favorite late night spot is Kunjip -- the spicy dok bok gi rock!
          i dont know of any late-night thai places in manhattan (it's sort of lacking in thai anyhow) but a lot of ppl on this board like Pam Real, which closes at 11 on weekdays and 11:30 on weekends.

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            hi emilia,
            i once went to a cabbie indian food stand on 9th ave and it was very dirty... Is this to be expected? Kinda turned me off it but i love that type of food...thanks....

            1. re: suetibu

              i think it'd vary from place to place--some are cleaner than others. but honestly, you're paying for good cheap food, and not so much the decor. the two places on Houston (actually one's called Punjabi Deli and the other is Cafe something (starts w/ a K?) right next door) seem to be pretty decently clean, counter-style food vouched for by all my Indian friends. Late-night partiers and cabbies dine there alike. there is a dirtier looking pak-punjab deli on 1st or 2nd Ave around 2nd St (with a coin-operated kids' ride outside) that looks considerably dirtier, although i hear that place is pretty good too.

              right next door to the 2 stands on Houston b/w A and 1st, i just tried Himalayan Cafe last night and it was delicious Tibetan/Himalayan food for super cheap. The bean thread noodles came with a flat bread (perhaps roti?) and this very very spicy sauce that was delicious. I think they close pretty late too. It's not thai, but it's pretty good!

          2. cafe piola is the name. they have a buffet for $7, i believe.