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Feb 8, 2007 03:07 PM

Pizza Place California, San Gabriel

Anybody been there? One good review on yelp, two on CitySearch. Just wondering if any hounds have been?

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  1. I was here w/ a small group a couple weeks ago. I have had good meals here, but very mixed reviews from the table this time: thumbs-up on the cioppino and risotto; down on the pizza (dry and flavorless "white pizza" which I believe had mushrooms). I had the halibut which was dry and tough. They still had the oil-soaked garlic rolls and a wine list, but unless you find yourself really hungry in San Gabriel and not in the mood for Chinese, I'd head down Main St. into Alhambra.

    1. I don't recommend this place for the pizza. A bit doughy and sort of overpriced. Good garlic bread, however.

      For pizza in that area, see my previous post here:

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        Thanks Ipsedixit. We'll try Tony's. It's closest and it's your favorite!

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          Tony's pizza is OK but the ambience is really lacking there. Think most people get take out or delivery there.

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            Good point about the ambience.

            Another thing to note about Tony's ... avoid the joint between 2-4 p.m. on the weekdays, as the folks from the adjacent San Marino H.S. take over ...

      2. It's hit or miss now. The food here was better years ago. Same with the service. It was a charming little place when they occupied the corner on Las Tunas and the price was right. Go to CT's on Main in Alhambra instead.

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          I agree. I loved it when it was small and you looked forward to the specials that really were special. I haven't been in a while. Anyone been lately?

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            Same for us. The food is OK, but the service is insufferable. We really used to look forward to going there when it was on Las Tunas, but the move has diminished some of it's appeal.

          2. The best Clam Chowder I have ever had was at at Pizza Place California. So much flavor. The menu is Italian but there is a Pacific Rim twist to it and the result is good food. The prices for the dinners are a little high but this really is a bistro and the portions are large. The garlic bread is great.

            Pizza Place California
            303 S Mission Dr
            San Gabriel, CA 91776
            (626) 570-9622

            IMO, the best pizza is s few blocks away at Petrillos. IMO, the best in L.A. High quality cheese, Pepperoni and sausage on a very good pizza crust. The negative here is they give you too much. Therefore, you could ask them to be easy on the cheese, Pepperoni and sausage. Also, you must request a “thin crust and pie cut.” Really, half the amount of toppings they pile on would be enough. Sit-down, brake some bread and enjoy a full menu of food.

            As for Tony's. I like that pizza also but it is not that the ambience is lacking, there is no ambience. The place reminds me of Subway but smaller with lots of high school kids at the several tables. I only go at night and still found those kids there (pre football game or something) Good for take-out only.

            Petrillo's Pizza Restaurant and take-out
            833 E Valley Blvd
            San Gabriel, CA 91776
            (626) 280-7332

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              JeetJet, I must heartily second your recommendation of Petrillo's - and stick with the one on Valley - the others just aren't quite the same. Maybe it's the old oven, don't know, but have lots of great childhood memories of pizza there. 40 years later and have not found any that compared for that "good, ol' fashioned kind of pizza." And we were (and still are) thick crust lovers. Great crust (thick OR thin), loads of toppings - and the oblong pizza feeds a big family. And down the street is Claro's Italian Market, great Italian sausage to pick up on the way home.

            2. Petrillo's has to be the best pizza in SGV

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                A Petrillos special if your preference is for big, thick, doughy pies. Otherwise try Domenico's in Monrovia and ask for an extra thin double pepperoni and sausage, and have a few slices for me.