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Feb 8, 2007 03:05 PM

New Vegetarian Cafe in San Antonio

"Green" has recently opened & is already a favorite with local vegetarians. My vegan brother and sister-in-law who live in SA invited me to lunch there today, and I was favorably impressed. This casual restaurant is in a beautifully remodeled old house in a funky neighborhood just outside of downtown (maybe a 5 min taxi ride from the Riverwalk hotels). The menu is large and varied, with many vegan options (and the staff will make vegan versions of many vegetarian entrees). The daily specials are creative, the coffee is free-trade organic, and the desserts are all vegan. Prices are very reasonable - lunch for 3 with appetizers, main course and coffee was about $30. Portions are large - we were too stuffed to try the vegan chocolate cake. Green doesn't have a liquor license but customers are welcome to bring their own beer or wine. They are considering supplying wine glasses, etc. for a small corkage charge.

Green is open for breakfast, lunch & dinner, and does not close between services, I suspect their coffee bar and free WiFi draw customers all day. It has already won strong support from the local Vegetarian community - my family has eaten there 4 or 5 times in the past couple of weeks, and they have friends who have eaten there every day since the cafe opened!

Green is at 1017 N Flores, San Antonio, Tx 78212

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  1. Green is pretty good- I'm a vegetarian who lives in the neighborhood and was excited about a veg. restaurant in San Antonio. (am not sure if I know who the "vegetarian community" is, or how to speak for such a group). My husband and I went the other night, I had the apple/walnut salad with miso dressing, my husband had the chicken-fried wheat-meat with sweet potato fries. The service was slow considering it wasn't busy when we came in at 5:30PM: the food I watched sitting on top of the counter for 10 minutes turned out to be ours (the pass-through counter where the cooks put the food is so high that some of the staff cannot see on top of it- even on tip toes) - so the fries were cold, but they gave us fresh one a few minutes later. Our meal (the salad and the chix fried wheat meat- we drank water) came to $16-$17. Our food was OK. Due to the price, it is prohibitive for us to go back, but I don't think it is the intention of Green to cater to the average neighborhood income. Besides, one has to recognize that good-quality ingredients aren't cheap, and Green appears to use quality ingredients.