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Feb 8, 2007 03:02 PM

Recs for Cheap, Delicious, Must Go Places for Food Lover's Visit to NYC

My friend is visiting NYC for a week in the end of February, and he loves to try new restaurants. The catch is, we're both grad students, so nothing too break-the-banky. If anyone has any suggestions for Must Go places that would be great. We both eat anything and everything, so no cuisine restrictions, just the restaurants that hold a special place in your heart! We both really dig fun, interesting brunches through - for any Midwesterners out there, we love M. Henry, Tweet, and Bongo Room in Chicago.

Appreciation in advance for your suggestions!

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    1. Cheap eats and incredible food:
      1) Cafe Habana (grilled corn, cuban sandwich, french toast)
      2) Dinosaur BBQ (ribs, buffalo wings)
      3) Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien (burger)
      4) Wondee Siam I or II (Thai)
      5) Clinton Street Baking Company (pancakes)

      I love Bongo Room in Chicago! One of my fave places. So cheap and tons of food. The stacks of chocolate pancakes (or waffles) with ice cream was so good.