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Wine label removers?

Somewhere here I saw the name of a product (and where to buy them) that allows you to rip off the wine labels more easily than the soak-and-peel method. They're like pieces of clear adhesive tape that you place over the label and then when you remove it, it takes the top layer of the label (the part with the info) off.

I've tried doing a seach, but I can't find the post.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about and where I can order them?

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  1. Why not just use packing tape?

    1. Label Savers from Wine Enthusiast.

      1. Correct Alan, I have a bunch of them. It is hit or miss depending on the bottle, some come out perfect and others not so much. I currently have a success rate of about 70%.


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          My case was many more miss than hits. I gave up.
          And don't even think peeling off new "high tech" 100% plastic labels...

        2. I just use clear packing tape - it takes off the first layer and then I put the label in a small sketch book which allows me to then write up a few words of what I love/liked about the wine, with whom I shared it and so forth. It's an easy, fun way to keep track of wines I enjoy and I can take the book with me shopping.

          1. If you put "almost" boiling water INSIDE the bottle and cork it and then put it in a bowl
            with water and leave it alone, go to work or whatever, and come back later in the day the label will slide right off the bottle and be in perfect shape for your saving.

            1. Thanks everyone! I just don't seem to have any luck with soaking wine labels (they get too soggy before the glue lets up) so I thought the adhesive thing would work. I will definitely try it with some packing tape first... I'll have to see if the tape is wide enough for the labels.

              In doing some internet searching, I read that freezing the empty bottle sometimes works or baking the empty bottle at 150. Anyone tried this?

              1. If the tape is not wide enough, I just overlay it - and when it pulls off - go gently and at both sides, I trim all four sides but leave enough to be able to insert in my little book - it works beautifully. I too have found the boiling/hot water treatment ineffective. I love being able to save labels of label saving worthy bottles (which is of course, all subjective but fun). Best to you, -- experiment on your everyday wine bottles to get the hang of it. Have fun!

                1. I've removed at least 10 to 12 labels over the past few months. The best way I've found to remove the labels is to fill the emty bottle with almost boiling water and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, use a razor blade and gently scrape the label off, it should come off easily with the blade.

                  1. The wine label collector at our house (not me) has been using this method for a while: bake at 250 for about 15 minutes or so. Obviously, bottle is now very hot, so handle carefully! Most labels peel right off.

                    1. A label printer told me that WD-40 gets off pressure sensitive labels. (If they're glued, hot water will do.) I haven't tried this, but she oughtta know.