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Feb 8, 2007 01:32 PM

Cookie recipe with NO eggs, flour, or milk?

I know, it's a crazy idea, but I'm trying to bake cookies for someone who is allergic to eggs, flour, and milk. Anyone out there have a recipe that works with good substitutes? Or can you suggest any dessert that omits these ingredients?

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  1. can they eat rice flour? you could make shortbread with butter, sugar, pinch of salt and rice flour


    I do not know of any recipes off hand, but you can bake with amaranth, etc.

    dessert - dark chocolate almond bark, crustless apple or pear crumble, mango lassi (with yogurt or soy milk)

      1. My roommate used to use a teaspoon of lecithin (thick gooey stuff you can from a health food store) as a binder for her oatmeal cookies, instead of egg. Beware it will not wash up easily if you let it dry out on your tools.

        1. For cookies, macaroons. For non-egg, dairy or flour or desserts, nut brittle or pears poached in wine.

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            Traditional macaroons are almost always made with egg whites.

          2. I used to run a mailing list for special-needs recipes and I gathered up a few which were basically no-anything. There's a recipe for sesame raisin cookies on that uses apple juice and rice flour...