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Sushi in Hamilton?

I am not a sushi fan, but a non-Chowhound friend of mine is. Is there any good sushi in Hamilton?

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  1. I've heard Sushi Star on King (downtown) is pretty good. There's a place in Dundas that I've heard terrible things about.

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      Sushi Star is your typical AYCE sushi place. If you order a la carte, the sushi is made fresh, but good luck on catching the waitress' eye as they can usually be found sitting at a table talking amongst themselves...Nothing to write home about, I found the sashimi horribly cut and not very fresh tasting...their bento boxes at lunch are serviceable, but I would rather go to Akita or Hoya (my first choice for Korean or Japanese in downtown Hamilton).

      Matsu Sushi in Dundas was a fairly decent Sushi place - perhaps the best in Hamilton...followed by the (now closed) Mori Mori on Queenston...

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        Actually, Mike, Akita has closed and has been replaced by another AYCE called Sapporo Japanese Restaurant. I haven't tried it yet.

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          Oops, forgot about that, it's similar in quality to what Akita was like...Hoya is still the best bet downtown Hamilton, IMHO...

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          I have had astonishgly good sushi at Matsu. This was a couple of years ago though, so I don't how it's doing these days. And come to think of it, I went there about a year ago and, while good, it wasn't as good as I had remembered on the previous visits.

          I was actually quite surprised that this little place in Dundas of all places was serving up the sushi that it was. I think you should give it a shot.

      2. I would recommend Hoya Sushi 161 King St. E. in downtown.. it is one of the best if not the best sushi in Hamilton... very fresh last time i went with great service.

        1. I've consistantly had great sushi from Matsu in Dundas and have been going there for years. Unless they've changed owners recently, the chef is the real deal and carefully selects fresh fish. It's comparible to what I've had in Vancouver.

          1. Hoya, downtown, is probably the best I've found in Hamilton. It's not amazing, but it's good, and reasonably priced. It's nice for privacy too!

            1. In my opinion, Matsu Sushi is the best sushi I've had in Hamilton. The sushi is fresh and delicious, plus the chef and staff are warm and friendly. I love the atmosphere as well - it is serene and relaxing - very Zen-like. I strongly recommend that if you want to have the best sushi in Hamilton, Matsu Sushi is definitely the place to go. No question about it.

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                I have to agree with this comment. Matsu is the best sushi I've had by far, especially at this price range. I've been to many in Toronto and except for maybe the really expensive ones that I haven't been to, Matsu beats everything else. The fish is really fresh, and the rolls actually have large pieces of fish in them!

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                  Matsu in Dundas is indeed the best sushi in Hamilton, with Hoya being the best downtown. Sushi Star, when it opened, was good to get copious quantities of cheap, cooked dishes (like tempura, teriyaki, etc.), but they quickly raised the prices, added a time limit, and got the waitresses to avoid all customers and forget all of your orders.

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                    I'll have to try Matsu in Dundas after reading all these accolades.  I like Joya Sushi in West Hamilton on Main West. It's a small bar in what used to be a fast food joint. Service is friendly, efficient and informative. I like to go at lunch and take advantage of their specials. Tuesday is sushi special. The well-formed sushi are composed of fresh fish and shellfish with excellently prepared sushi rice. If someone in your party isn't a sushi fan, there is a large selection of well-prepared Korean dishes.

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                      what is the address for matsu?

                      and is there a website for any of these places? (matsu, hoya, sakai)?.... might be going someplace tonight!

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                        Matsu is at 29 King Street West in Dundas.


                        Matsu used to have a website, I recall, via the Gold Book but I can't seem to find it anymore. Hoya, I definitely remember knowing there isn't a website when I was looking for it.

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                          so after trying to contact some of these places (with no luck) ... we tried to go to hoya just to see if it was open or not.....and it wasn't so we went to sushi star (on king east) to find it was ayce (with a normal dinner menu as well)..... nothing special compared to ayce places in markham/richmond hill .... but at least they didn't overload their rolls with rice ... white tuna sashimi could have been fresher

              2. Another vote for Hoya, especially if, like us, you like to support downtown Hamilton businesses.

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                  OY -I have to chime in here and say drive to Burlington and go to Sakai on Fairview bet Appelby and Walker's line. Ate at Matsu twice and was pretty grossed out by the soggy fish. I need my fish really fresh or I'd rather eat something else......IMHO sushi is either really good or it's bad.

                2. I haven't seen a word about Kampai which is downtown and I'm pretty pleased with when I go there.

                  They even have a website (as opposed to many of the other restos mentioned): http://www.kampai.ca/

                  I believe the chef/owner used to be from Joya? I could be wrong but I think my friend told me that when he went to Kampai and chatted with the staff.

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                    The chef owner of Kampai, Tom, used to own DADO on Hamilton Mountain (in the plaza across fromt he LCBO near Limeridge Mall.

                  2. Matsu Sushi in Dundas on King St, is easily the best Sushi outside of Toronto.
                    Excellent quality sushi/sashimi and top grade rice.

                    The owner/chef Simon is a very soft-spoken but gracious man.
                    I am very fortunate to have found this 'hidden gem'.

                    I was a regular at Sakai for years and find it to be top notch, but after eating Matsu the quality of the rice and fish no longer compares..

                    Matsu is far superior.

                    Matsu Sushi
                    107 Hunter St E, Peterborough, ON K9H1G7, CA

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                      Sakai (burlington) IMHO is the best sushi I have found near hamilton. There is a fantastic sushi place in the Chinese City Centre in Mississauga in the food court. It is WORTH the DRIVE

                    2. anyone here ever tried Mye Japanese restaurant in Oakville?

                      Mye Japanese Restaurant
                      143 Church St, Oakville, ON L6J1N1, CA

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                        no and I haven't heard amazing things about it either, apparently too expensive, not that great. I have eaten at Ami Sushi and Kenki Sushi in oakville

                        Ami-overrated and expensive, i felt sick after eating there too
                        Kenki-good, the couple that run it are totally sweet and the Tony Roll (the chef's creation) is awesome

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                          For AYCE what about August 8th in Hamilton? They have just opened a new one in Burlington as well. I will concur with the Sakai Restaurant on Fairview, by far the best I've had in this area.