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Feb 8, 2007 01:16 PM

order at yechon for me

looking for suggestions.... many thanks

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  1. How many people? THe Bosum is pork belly, oyster, cabbage and other stuff. You make rolls with the cabbage and its incredible. The BBQ is incredible: #3, & 4 are great and ususual. THereis an oyster and pork soup as well.

    1. Their seafood pancake (possibly hae mul panjon) is also a pretty good rendition, and I recall a nicely balanced nakji bokum (octopus with vegetables).

      1. Looked at their website and they now have (or I just noticed) a downloadable menu. Here are some favorites:

        Page 2: #10 Lunch noodle special ordered with the Haew Naeng Myun for an extra $2. $13 and you will need a tow truck to get up from the table and back to your car! Best food deal in the DC area if you ask me.

        Page 4 #3 Mung Bean Pancake- heavy but really good if a little greasy. Enough for 2-4 people.

        Page 7 # 11: Da Jie Bossam: Oyster and pork belly roll ups.
        #23 Oyster pancake. Really really good, order when you have 4 to 8 people so you can scarf it down while pipping hot and the oysters are still juicy.

        Page 8 Yuuk Gae Jang- spicy beef soup. Good for what ails you.

        I cannot find the BBQ dishes that I liked on this menu... it is shorter. They were listed as corned beef and as pork belly.

        1. so is the way to go bbq, casserole, or both? we will be 4 fairly inexperienced but adventurous people.

          1. Get 2 orders of BBQ, a couple of cooked dishes.