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Feb 8, 2007 01:16 PM

Santa Monica/Westwood Restaurant Needed

My sister attends UCLA, I live in San Diego and our mom is coming to visit in LA. I need a good restaurant (mid-priced) with great food, fun ambiance and a good wine list. Any suggestions in the Santa Monica/Westwood area? Thanks!

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  1. type of food and budget (in $$pp) will help us narrow things down for ya.

    1. go to Nook Bistro...Santa Monica Blvd, corner of Barry .

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      1. re: coco puff

        Always a fine choice ... ironically, it's neither in Westwood or Santa Monica ... it's in between the two ... but, truly a fine choice for a someone to take their sister and their mom.

        1. re: PaulF

          I like the choice of Nook too, since you specify that you want a good wine list. Wine lists around here are often unpinspired and/or overpriced, but Nook is a nice choice.

          I haven't been, but Upstairs2 is a restaurant above a popular west LA wine store. It gets decent reviews on this board, and of course has great wine. It's on Cotner between Pico and Olympic, very close to UCLA.

      2. Best Chinese is Calif Wok.Seaview/Wilshire. Great food and wine - most reasonable.


        1. Of course THE LIGHTHOUSE (2nd and Arizona)has to be the greatest bargain in the world for $20 you can glutton out on every seafood item ever fished xcept lobster.Buffet style.


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            1. In Santa Monica, I adore Violet. Great atmosphere, fantastic food and very reasonably priced. Love love love it.