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Feb 8, 2007 01:14 PM
Discussion the purse?

I don't do it but sometimes I wish I had a little bit of my favorite hotsauce with me to kick up my food. Which leads me to wonder if anyone does this?

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  1. Oh yes. Those mini Tabasco bottles work in a pinch. Their was a smal larticle years ago in Saveur that mentioned this and pointed out several "sophisticated" well know people who come prepared- I think one even had Tabasco on a necklace? I'll try to dig up the issue. Another friend whipped out fresh Tahi bird chilis from home when we dining in a restaurant in Puero Vallarta- she wanted the pure chili hit.

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      I've seen mini soy sauce bottles in asian markets which is fricken hilarious.

      1. re: csw

        I can't believe that I'm going to fess up to it, but I sometimes carry my own mini soy sauce with me.

        I'm really picky about my soy sauce!

    2. Yep, I'll take some hot sauce along. Inevitably when I ask for it, I am given some decimated and crusty old bottle. I'd rather have a fresh bottle from home. Big fan of hot sauce.

      1. yup, I carry Tabasco in my purse. the regular sized bottles when I am at home, and the plastic packets when I travel

        1. I remembr reading that Cokie Roberts always carries Tabasco in her purse. World Market (Cost Plus) often has a selection of purse-sized hot sauces. Yes, I do.

          1. I carry the original condiment, a little bag of Maldon sea salt everywhere. People think I'm bringing out drugs - don't care, so much better than anything offered in any restaurant! Was at the Ritz Carlton Dining Room SFO one night having the tasting menu. One of the dishes was described as having been 'sprinkled' with Maldon sea salt to finish. Didn't see it or taste it. Since this was before my little bag-carrying days, I asked for some of this sea salt to use on this & other dishes - several times. They finally brought me out what looked like a bowl of kosher salt. By then, I was really iritated at paying those prices & being lied to - twice. Needless to say, not one of my more favorite restaurant experiences. Don't mess with my salt! I do love sharing it, though & turning other people on to those fabulous Maldon flakes.