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Feb 8, 2007 01:04 PM

Roy's - Austin

We are thinking of trying this place next time we are down in Austin. From the website I like the look of it but I couldn't get an approximate idea of price: can anyone who has been there give me a rough idea of the average entree?
PS: Is it actually any good?!

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  1. Here are some snippets I've written about Roy's:

    "In my opinion, you'll have a better meal nearly anywhere in Austin. Every dish I've ever had here is mediocre or worse. The service is well-meaning but inept. The prices are absurd (once you consider the quality of the food and the experience). The atmosphere is lacking: so deliberate, almost a Disneyesque caricature of a hip fine-dining joint. The menu is forced and clumsy. The menu's attempts at originality fall flat and flaccid."

    "Caution is advised. Some of these upscale chains will consistently disappoint. Roy's and Truluck's, for example, are crapshoots for food quality. Sadly, Austin Land & Cattle (not a chain) has joined these mediocre eateries: my last several experiences there have all been subpar. I also must downgrade the Hoffbrau (again, not a chain), with a heavy heart."

    "On the subject of steakhouse chains with an Austin presence that are better than Roy's, here are a few off the top of my head.

    I'd rather go to Ruth's Chris, Fleming's, Eddie V's, Sullivan's, McCormick & Schmick, Houston's, and Outback.

    Roy's is about on par with Truluck's -- although Truluck's food is superior, the service is completely unacceptable and the atmosphere is miserable. Pick your poison here.

    The only steakhouse chain I dislike more than Roy's is Texas Land and Cattle."

    1. If you absolutely must eat an expensive chain steakhouse, you'll do much better at Ruth's Chris or Flemings. Probably about the same as Roy's, price-wise. I hear that III Forks is good, too, but have never been there, personally.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I have never eaten at the Austin Roy's, because I was so disappointed with the Roy's on Kauai.

          Please notice that this opinion should be taken with 3 grains of salt! Since I have never eaten at this restaurant it is arguably unfair for me to criticize it. But since it is a chain, I think it is fair to comment on my experience with other chain locations, and my experience with Roy's is that is an expensive tourist trap with OK food and poor service.

          1. Oh wow - I don't think I will bother. We know plenty of other good places in Austin so we will definitely steer clear
            Thanks so much for the info.