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Should we try the Federalist???

fabeneag Feb 8, 2007 12:54 PM

Rumors of them closing down at some point to "renovate" have been confirmed by their hostess. They're still taking reservations but don't know when the shut-down date is yet.

Have reservations for Saturday night and am wondering whether it's too big a risk given what I know the bill is going to be.

Anyone eat there very recently with feedback?

If we end up going, any menu recommendations?


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  1. c
    Chickpea RE: fabeneag Feb 8, 2007 02:30 PM

    I've heard it went downhill after the departure of chef David Daniels. But I haven't eaten there since, so I have no first-hand information.

    1. MC Slim JB RE: fabeneag Feb 8, 2007 06:43 PM

      This might be unfair to the current chefs, but I tend to shun lame-duck regimes. I don't intend to dine at The Fed or Spire over the next couple of months.

      1. c
        chef poncho RE: fabeneag Feb 8, 2007 06:46 PM

        I couldn't agree more with MC Slim JB. Why do they expect us to pay the same prices to watch the understudy?

        1. CocoDan RE: fabeneag Feb 9, 2007 04:48 AM

          Went for cocktails and apps. in early winter. It was a disaster. Wait!

          1. b
            Bostonbob3 RE: fabeneag Feb 9, 2007 05:09 AM


            1. hotoynoodle RE: fabeneag Feb 9, 2007 05:52 AM

              you can a much better meal in that neighborhood for equal money or less. no. 9 park, troquet, pigalle. skip the fed.

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