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Feb 8, 2007 12:33 PM

where's a good spot for private party for 20

good food a must. fun space. a burb crowd coming to the city to celebrate a big 5-0 bday. any recommendations on a place?

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  1. Hmm, well, I didn't realize it's a 50th birthday until I opened up the link. Before you delete this reply, my friends went to Cowgirl in the West Village for a bachelorette party. Do NOT fret. My friends are classy and tasteful, there was nothing crazy or wacky about it. It might as well have been a birthday party. The room they set aside for us was quaint and charming and I still can't get over how lucky we were. Give them a call.

    1. What kind of food do they like, and what do you want to pay? Until I know the answers to those questions, any answer would be a wild guess.

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        I've seen things in the range of $65 per for food up to $3,000 minimum... I'd go for the former and add in drinks (which who knows how much that can add, but as long as people are having fun it doesn't matter). Foodwise, Italian is always good, anything very tasty with nice prepartions, no bland chicken, a Zagats 20+ if that helps. I had in mind the Farm House at Palma but that was booked. The wine cellar at Il Buco was a possible. Wine cellar atmosophere would be great. Or the opposite, a funky modern space. Even an art gallery where it could be catered. Any ideas?

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          I'd suggest Hearth.

          I'm not sure how easy it would be for them to accommodate that large a group, but they do have enough space in their room.

          Otherwise, maybe Savoy? I haven't been there in years, but I did like it when I went and I've read recent reports from people whose taste I respect that they're still as good as they were.

          There are other usual suspects here (Red Cat, etc.), but since I haven't yet been to those, I can't comment.

      2. What does a "fun" place mean in your view? Since you are looking for a private room, doesn't that presume you will be making your own fun?

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          Yes, we can make our own fun. But a room with some atmosphere... not just a partition off of a restaurant. No flourescent lighting. The guest of honor is a design freak. I have been to the Farm House at Palma and that is great, cozy and charming...but booked. And I thought maybe better it was better for city types looking for warmth than suburban types looking for funky. Plus good service where they just keep pouring and are unobtrusive.

          1. re: amber225

            Your comment about wanting a room "with some atmosphere" is instructive. I immediately thought of the private rooms at Keens. They are gorgeous and have the same wonderful old NY ambiance found throughout the public rooms. (Photos on their website.)


        2. hi: you may want to check out il buco - they have a wine cellar and a chef's table that are both private. the harrison in tribeca and savoy (upstairs) in soho are other possibilities. freeman's is a fourth option - it has loads of atmosphere, great food and cocktails, but it's the only one of these that doesn't have a private room (at least as far as i know). enjoy!

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            Thanks. All great spots. Appreciate it.