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Wood House in Rockridge

Wood House, the new restaurant in Grasshopper's former location (College Ave. and Alcatraz), is set to open this Saturday, according to a note on the front door. No menu is posted yet.

I won't make it there this weekend, but hopefully some hounds will check it out and report back.

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  1. Excellent, thanks for posting -- did they say what their days and times of operation will be?

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      I think open every day for lunch, and 6 nights a week for dinner -- but I could be wrong.

    2. Both owners and chef formerly Frascati in Russian Hill are opening this restaurant.

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        Exact address. Website doesn't work yet.

        6317 College Avenue
        Oakland, CA 94620
        (510) 654-6607

      2. Wood House is way cool and the food is good too. I had one each of their paninis and both the mushroom and the prosciutto fillings were perfect. The salad and homemade crunchy pickles also helped.The atmosphere is especially nice, a bistro with warmth ( flowing from the owners and staff) and a serene, low key color scheme. Not too noisy even during the crowded lunchtime. I hope they flourish as they serve the best new food on the College Avenue corridor.

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          Sounds good, I'm always looking for a great panini. What are the prices like for lunch? Any indication of where they source their meat?

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            Went for lunch today -- prices for lunch are pretty reasonable, the pressed sandwich was $9 (for lunch it had goat cheese and proscuitto), the burger was $10, and that was about average. They have Fra'mani salami and Niman Ranch meat, but there was nothing on the menu about where the rest of their meat is sourced. I'm still a little unclear on the name -- the sign outside said Wood House, but all of the menus said Wood Tavern, so I think they might have switched names between putting the sign outside and opening. Very inviting interior, and very friendly service. I had the pressed sandwich, and it was good, although it was a little difficult to eat. The fries were fantastic.

          1. This place is a welcome addition to the area -- a perfect place for lunch, dinner, and even a drink if you're tired of the Graduate ;)

            I had the dungeness crab and prosciutto salad, which was terrific and just hearty enough. Which is kind of how I feel about the whole place.

            1. Yeah, the Grad! I used to live staggering distance away and met my now fiance when he tended bar there (about 9 years ago). It's a little more studenty and a little less blown out these days, sadly.

              1. Ate at Wood House last Monday evening and it's a great change from Grasshopper at the same location. The food was magnificent BUT two of us ordered the lemon cream puffs, which are always recommended in reviews. They were terrible - the pate choux like cardboard with hardly any lemon cream inside. My recommendation - order anything on the menua but the lemon cream puffs!

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                  Did you eat them anyway? If not, did they ask?

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                    Yes, we ate them (there were only two and they were small) and I wanted to e-mail the restaurant to tell them but their website still isn't up!

                2. We stopped by on a Sunday afternoon. They stop serving at 5 p.m., which seems wierd to me. Ordered the burger with mushrooms and swiss, and the chicken cheddar BBQ sandwich. They did not have any regular mushrooms, but happily threw on a portobello for us. The sandwiches come on a roll, which I don't like, so they substituted a hamburger roll for me. DH liked the shoestring fries, my slaw was dry and too herbal. They only have 4 beers on tap so far, so we both had hefeweizen. The food was good, not great, and seemed spendy for a neighborhood place. The menu was also limited, but that may be a function of Sunday afternoon.

                  1. I ate dinner there during the first week they were open and found the staff to be extremely friendly and accomodating. The shoestring fries were too salty - I told them and they whisked them away and brought more that were great! The burger was Nieman Ranch and quite tasty. I wasn't as hot on the warm chocolate cake - I prefer one that isn't quite so sweet...

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                      You can get a great chocolate cake that's not too sweet at Sketch Ice Cream in Berkeley. It's not warm, but it's delicious.