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Feb 8, 2007 12:16 PM

Restaurants near Denver Tech Center

Stying at the Marriott mid week and looking for a good place not too far away (brutal work schedule). Italian, Asian, Ethnic would be ideal. Also, a decent take out place in case we get bogged down as we usually do. Thanks!

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  1. Frank,
    I'm at the Sheraton Denver Tech Center this week... I've been in and out of the area several times in the last few months, and have been looking for good food, too. I've had good fried fish at Sheads, mediocre sushi at Sushi-Wave, a middling meal at the Indian place near Sushi-Wave (don't remember the name). I had a great steak at Brooks, but it was expensive. Good pho at Pho Saigon, and a wide variety of mediocre and worse foods at places like Gunther Toodys.

    1. There are several places that you can also try all in a square block area around Bellview and DTC Blvd: Great Northern Tavern (for woodfired fare in the $20.00 range) (and in all honesty I have only had beers there but the food looks good), Deli Tech (meats and breads are supposidly brought in from NY...) is in the same shopping center along with a big burrito joint called Bozaca and the Off Bellview Grille. In the same center that Yia Yia's is in, across the street) there is a place called Cool River where the nightly scene is hoppin' and Il Fornaio (who make the best ciabatti a chain could make). Across the street from there (in a strip mall with many quick fast casual food places) you can find a place called Sauce (Pizza/Wine) which is run by the Fox Restaurant Group famous for Bloom and North in the AZ area. Any of these places are able and willing to provide take-out. Lunch crowds are huge in the area and they should be used to it.

      1. Yia Yia Euro Bistro (I think on Bellevue) isn't bad for a chain.