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Feb 8, 2007 12:06 PM

OC Thai recommendations?

I'm relatively new to Orange County and am in the need of some good recommendations for authentic Thai places with Thai beer on tap. I've tried Thai Porn.


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  1. i'm not touching the thai porn thing. but as far as thai cuisine is concerned, you just missed the boat by about a month. What was arguably the best thai place in OC, if not all of California was Thai Nakorn in Garden Grove. Unfortunately for you and everyone else, it recently burned down. They are rumored to be rebuilding. In the interim, bangkok taste in santa ana may fit the bill.

    1. I echo on SothOCHound's comments. You missed it. Thai Nakorn was it, and there will be no other. At least not until they rebuild.

      Here's some pics from the golden days:

      Anyone know when Renu Nakorn is going to reopen?

      1. I went to an really good Thai restaurant in South Coast Plaza (can't remember the name). We had the best (and biggest) prawns ever. Not sure if they have Thai beer on tap, but the food was really good.

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            if it is Bangkok Four, then unfortunately, that shut down too. i thought it was good for upscale in a mall that wasn't your standard fare.

        1. Thai tap beer is quite rare, even in Thailand.

          If you want authentic, without the keg, Bangkok Taste would be hard to beat.
          It's located in the Big Lots strip mall, just south of the 22, on Grand.

          1. Cool. Thanks for the recommendations. Believe it or not Thai Porn is actually a restaurant in the seedy part of Anaheim. The mee krob and sausage with sticky rice were quite good but they didn't have Thai beer on tap.

            I've actually had Thai beer on tap at Chandara and atleast one other place in LA. I realize how hard it is to find on tap-I guess that's why I was hoping someone would know of an OC joint with Thai suds flowing from a keg. I truly believe fresh tapped beer usually tastes better/cleaner than their bottled counterparts. For example, I never cared for Singha until I tried it on tap in LA.

            Man, I'm bummed that I missed out on Thai Nakorn. I work 10 minutes from Garden Grove. However, I'll try as many of your recommendations as I can and please keep the recs coming.

            I'm currently on a Thai kick after trying as many izakaya and yakitori places I could muster in the last 1 1/2 months.

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            1. re: gabehoya

              The owner of Thai Nakorn is working OT to rebuild.
              It shouldn't be too long.