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Feb 8, 2007 12:02 PM

Vietnamese in sub. Detroit

I know there are a lot of good Vietnamese restaurants in the Madison Heights/Troy area, esp. along 13 mile. Suggestion for one for a fast dinner in a couple hours??? Craving pho in this cold weatther

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  1. Try Thuy Trang on John R bet. 12 and 13mile Rds.
    30491 John R Rd
    Madison Heights, MI
    (248) 588-7823

    Excellent pho and rice plates. Service is quick, so eat very slowly if you want to spend two hours there. My son and I drive there periodically from Ann Arbor. One hour each way, to have a 45 min dinner. My wife thinks the whole idea is stupid, but hey, the guys' gotta eat.

    Pho Huang, at Dequindre and 13 Mile is also excellent.

    1. Thanks, Bellmont, I'll give both a try. We ended up at Thang Long, on John R just south of 12 mile. The pho hit the spot, wonderful and flavorful broth, but they could have been a bit more generous with the herbs on the side. Dependable and good service.

      1. Yeah , just ate at Pho Hang today , once again , a great meal , and once again we were the only white folks in the place . That in of itself means nothing , but it is nice to see a quote " ethnic " place actually being frequented by people of the same ethnicity as the establishment . As usual , the pho ( I like the tripe and tendon laden bowl ) was excellent , the pork skin fresh rolls were good , and the fried spring rolls were better than anything from any Chinese place I have ever been . My boy loved the lime and ice sugary drink , and the service was friendly , attentive , and prompt . What else do you want ? All that being said , Thuy Trang is still my favorite , but we are lucky to have such a collection of great vietnamese places so close by . Even Honolulu didn't have as many great vietnamese places as us .

        1. There's a new place on John R across the street from the Vietnamese market in that strip with the other Vietnamese restaurant. No white people in this one either. Good durian shakes at all those places on John R if you want to taste but not smell durian.

          Don't forget the Little Saigon/Chinatown area on Wyandotte and University in Windsor.

          1. Yeah , I tried the one at 13 and John R at few months ago , it looked "newer" , no surprise because it is , the overall pace was a little slower , but the food was right on par with the aforementioned places . They also have the excellent viet sandwiches , believe three or four different ones , and they are really good . The pho was also very good . A little slow with a five year old and a two year old , but the more relaxed meal might be nice for adults .