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Feb 8, 2007 12:00 PM

take out in north

I live in Edmonds and want to try some really fun take-out for Valentine's day... and any day after that :). I am willing to travel a little ways to get it. I was leaning towards chinese or asian food, but I am up for anything. I am a bit of a foodie but am not going to picky with this type of thing. Any suggestions, expereinces, or thoughts to share? Thanks*

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  1. Fu Man Dumpling House, 14314 Greenwood Ave. N., is our favorite take-out place in the neighborhood. It's just sound of the Shoreline-Seattle line (145th) and it has but 7 or 8 small tables. Order their homemade boiled dumplings (10 for 5.75). They come with a very pungent garlic sauce....yum! We also favor the House Chow Mein with homemade noodles, chicken, shrimp and other goodies. Share the dumplings and the House Chow Mein between two people and you have a very satisfying meal, take-out or eat in, for under $15. They have other good things on the menu as well.

    1. Have you checked out 99 Ranch? For about $6 you can load up a foam tray with the likes of fried belt fish, drop flank stew, eggplant, duck, and various steam dumplings.

      T&T Seafood nextdoor is one of the better Chinese restaurants around. You may be order takeout.


      1. Chef at Wok, a serious hole in the wall around 130th and Greenwood N. is superb, portions are insane, and prices are so low it might as well be free. Definately don't miss out on the fresh house-made noodles. Crispy Fried Eggplant in Tangy Hot Glaze might be as addictive as crack. Soup is by the quart. Everything is from scratch and the guys who own it have single handedly undermined my impression that there is no good service in this town.

        1. Thanks for all the responses for far- I loved the suggestions... I have been meaning to head to ranch 99 lately- now it will be a definite stop!

          1. Does Chef at Wok have seating? Sounds like somewhere I'd like to go!