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Feb 8, 2007 11:28 AM

Short Hills

We have to be in Short Hills on Saturday. Would appreciate any recs for upscale Restaurants for Saturday evening. Can be in a nearby town.
Thanks in advance

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  1. Is there any type of food in particular that you would prefer? Is there anything you definitely DONT want?

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    1. re: NiKoLe1625

      we like all kinds of food, continental, or american

    2. Summit - Roots Steakhouse
      Livingston - Striphouse
      W. Orange - The Manor, Highlawn Pavillion

      1. Okay, well givent htat you are pretty open ehre are some of my favorites. I'm from Livingston so im familiar with the area. Do yourself a favor and stay away from the Striphouse. Its not that good!
        Summit: The Huntley Tavern (upscale comfort food! SO good!)
        Livingston: Nero's Grill (they ahve everything...steak, seafood, great salads, etc..)
        West Caldwell: Trattoria Fresco (Best italian restaurant in the area, but might be a bit far)
        W. Orange: Highlawn Pavillion (Great views of Manhattan)

        If i think of some others ill definitely post them!

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        1. re: NiKoLe1625

          Thanks for the info.................We are going to the short hills mall and do not want to be too far from that far is summit from that location.
          After dinner we will be driving home to Tuxedo Park

          1. re: Raisel

            Summit is VERY close. Probably 10-15 min (maybe not even). From the SH mall, just continue on Rt. 24 and you are there! THere are a lot of very good dining options in Summit! Its a great town!

        2. Serenade and Scalini Fedeli on main drag Chatham; both within 1 mi. of the mall.

          1. i second Restaurant Serenade in Chatham. Google this and you can find their website. they have a very comprehensive site which includes directions, so you will get travel time (it is close). I have not been to Scalini Fedeli. There is also a very upscale restaurant in the Hilton at the short hills mall. I read a review about it last year and i sounded top notch. You will need reservations (hopefully not too late) i'm sure for all of these restaurants.