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Feb 8, 2007 11:18 AM

Walking distance of Hollywood and Whitley

My family's in town this weekend, and I have a show on Friday night at Second City in Hollywood. The show is at 8:00, and I'm hoping to find a good restaurant not too far from there for either an early or a late dinner. Basically, I'd like to spare them some of the horror of Hollywood Friday night parking by only having them park once.

Any suggestions for a good place within walking distance of Hollywood and Whitley? I'm looking for somewhere nice but not super expensive. Sushi is always good, but anything tasty will work.

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  1. There's Musso and Frank for historic, traditional Hollywood ambiance -- cocktails are good; food is a bit pricey and could be too old-fashioned for some people.
    There's Bella for hip Italian and steaks -- also somewhat pricey.
    On the lower end, there's Lucky Devils for great burgers, shakes, etc. in a modern diner atmosphere.

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      1. Do you Mean Improv Olympic? because Second City is on Melrose at Crescent Heights. IO is near Hollywood and Vine, the Pantages, etc.

        1. Actually, Second City moved to a new space on Hollywood and Whitley in January. It's where the old LA Rep used to be. I'm still getting used to the parking situation down there.

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            I used to be able to walk to it on Melrose.

          2. I 2nd Lucky Devil's. Also 25 degrees at the Roosevelt Hotel, but might be kind
            of loud. Any of the restaurants at Hollywood and Highland--Vert, Shabu Shabu, or
            the Grill. You can check their menus online for prices.

            Miceli's for old-school Italian.

            Hollywood and Vine Diner, although I think it's overpriced.

            The only sushi I can think of is at Franklin and Highland, but I've never been.
            There's Kabuki at Sunset/Vine, but that's kinda far and kinda not very good. I
            think Sushi Ike is also too far.