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Feb 8, 2007 11:09 AM

Hamilton hounds -- have you tried either of these?

Hi all -- first, has anyone tried a new place called Pardon My French across from Gage Park on Main? Little wee bistro type place, looks v. cozy and inviting as I drive by.

Secondly, I was on James north today and passed a place called Mexi-Cana, which had something about "tortilla king" in the window (traffic moving fairly quickly so I didn't really get a chance to see if that was just a sign for a brand of tortilla or what) -- anyone been in? good? bad? scary?



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  1. I too have driven by Pardon My French but haven't tried it yet. There was a review in the Hamilton Spectator a couple of months ago. The article states that one of the owners also cooks at Le Paradis in Toronto on weeknights.

    If the above link is too unwieldy, try

    and click on "Don't say Pardon, say Bravo!" article.

    This tiny restaurant was previously occupied by Leghorns - basically a wings place. In a master stroke of irony, Leghorns has since moved to the building that once housed Hamilton's finest French restaurant L'Escargot (I can't imagine what the layout must look like now). So the French restaurant became a wings place and the wings place became a French restaurant!

    1. thanks for the heads up about the review, I missed it in the Spec! Will check it out this weekend and report back.

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        Well, looks like Pardon My French is history. When I drove by the other day, there was a realtor's sign in the window. The phone has also been disconnected.

      2. another restaurant in Hamilton that tries to be ambitious, something of substance bites the dust ..... again. what a surprise.

        1. Mex I Can has the best Mexican/El Salvadorean cooking I've had in the City.
          Try the Pupusas... Guac is excellent and although I haven't tried yet, they sell tamales (I'm told the chicken and cheese are excellent) in the grocery part and come highly recommended for takeout. Ambiance is next to nil, but it's licenced and I've enjoyed a cerveza while waiting for takeout many a time. Try it! While it may not be the night to enjoy out, won't be disappointed by ANY of the food!