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Food in classic cartoon strips?

Well, weve gone through food in the movies (repeatedly) and food in pop songs, but I don't recall a similar thread about cartoon strips or cartoon characters (and you can slap me up side of the head if I'm wrong). This occurred to me when I uncovered my reprints of Winsor McKay's landmark "Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend" (which was not actually about Rarebit, but about the Kafka-like dreams that come from eating heavy food).

J. Wellington Wimpy comes to mind, who, I think, inspired a real life burger chain, as does Dagwood Bumstead and his sandwiches, Dinty Moore (for obvious reasons) and Li'l Abner's son "Po'k Chop."

It helps to be approaching your second childhood, like me, to play this game, but go for it!

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  1. Garfield and his lasagna usually made me hungry :)

    1. Cathy has a love/hate relationship with food...seems like chocolate in particular.

      1. Snoopy and root beer, on Veteran's Day. Snoopy thought root beer was special, so I did, too. Funny how the Vet's Day thing was lost on me as a kid but the root beer resonated.

        1. Well, Satchel likes to eat things he finds on the ground. (I love 'Get Fuzzy.')

          Snoopy and his root beer is a great one.

          1. "Us is cookin' fishes HANover foots!" --Pogo

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              And don't forget the chicken-foots soup and the perloo!

              1. What about when Opus whacked the hell out of that Mime with a giant salami in Bloom County?

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                  I had forgotten all about that!! What a hilarious theme that was....

                2. The Far Side: Bull #1 approaches Bull #2, who is grilling burgers on a Hibachi, and says "You're sick, Jesse! Sick, sick, sick!"

                  Chicken #1 feeding a bowl of soup to a bedridden Chicken #2, saying "it's full of vitamins and besides, it's no one we know."

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                    Bizarro: Fast-food worker is on trial for murder. Prosecutor holds up a burger and says, "Perhaps THIS will refresh your memory!" Spectators, jury, judge all gasp in horror.

                    Everyone in the courtroom except the guy on trial is a bovine.

                    Perhaps not so surprisingly, a quick Google search has disclosed that Bizarro cartoonist Dan Piraro is a vegan and an animal rights activist. Regardless of your politics, this particular cartoon is hilarious.

                  2. My favorite Far Side - The Boneless Chicken Ranch.

                    1. Hard to believe that Popeye and his spinach hasn't been mentioned and Bugs Bunny and his carrots ain't been mentioned.

                      Let's not forget the one great commercial in which one character tried in every single episode to turn his intended prey into a meal. The winner is Wile E Coyote and Road Runner, Beep Beep!!

                      1. Garfield for me. Not only his lasagna, but John used to always have a steak, baked potato w/ a big pat of butter on it, and a green veggie (i can't remember if it was peas of broccoli).

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                          Dagwood and his sandwiches.

                        2. Has anyone else ever had Andy Capp's Hot Fries? I'm not old enough to remember Andy Capp very well, but why create a brand of snack food for him?

                          1. I almost forgot, TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN

                            1. Funky Wiinkerbean. It revolves around a pizza shop that mirrors a Akron landmark. Luigi's

                              I miss the Far Side.

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                                Kelli2006 please go back to perogies and read my posting I am looking for a recepie! MikeD

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                                  Mike, I checked the pirogi thread you referenced, but I am not sure what recipe you are seeking. Do you want a recipe for the cabbage filling or a Polish "pizza"?

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                                  I miss the Far Side too. What a genius that guy was!

                                3. Well, I don't think this is a classic strip yet, but this particular day's offering was noteworthy.

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                                    As is today's Sunday Get Fuzzy. (I love this comic strip)

                                  2. Another Peanuts item: Charlie Brown buying and eating a bowl of Lucy's "Goop."

                                    1. I know Bugs Bunny was mentioned but what about the episode when Humphrey Bogart was in a nightclub and he wanted rabbit for 'Baby' A classic!

                                      1. What? Don't tell me no one's tried to make a Dagwood's! My favorite Blondie's strips were the ones with him teetering through the house trying to balance a sandwich as high as the ceiling! That reminds me a bar in SF has a martini called The Dagwood: it comes with a spear holding every single martini garnish imaginable.

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                                          Sorry, Gary, didn't read your OP very carefully early in the morning. Of course you've tried the Dagwood!

                                          Olive Oil's brother's name in Popey is Castor, right?

                                        2. from the Archie Comics
                                          Jughead inhaling Pop's hamburgers till his belly couldn't hold anymore. sometimes until his pant's button would pop off.