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Feb 8, 2007 11:07 AM

Palladio NMB Closed!

This really stinks. It had the best seafood selection in Miami Dade by far. Also had a good bakery and prepared foods section. What the heck happened?!

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  1. We liked Palladio very much. Excellent fish. Do not know what happened but there were never many customers in the store.

    1. I was by there a couple weeks ago to check it out for the first time and someone at a neighboring shop said they had an electrical fire with a fridge. Sounded then like it had just happened but I guess they haven't reopened.

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        THey were still open after the fire. Perhaps they closed shortly thereafter because they couldn't store things. The market was OK , but their fish dept. was fantastic. I miss it.

      2. The one in Boca is still open.

        1. yep its true i stopped by about a week ago and they had a sign in the window saying they were closed permanently.

          1. lorenzos in NMB is what happened to palladio...way to close to that mack daddy market straight out of schenectady, ny home of pat riley...

            they should have opened much further south, in the Upper East side where there is much need for a gourmet market of that caliber.