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Dog Friendly S.F. Restaurants With Great Food?

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My girlfriend and I will be spending President's Day and a couple of days after that in the city. We just found out that some friends will be joining us, and they will bring their extremely well-behaved, though extremely large, Weimaraner dog with them.

Part of the reason for our trip is the great food in San Francisco, including seafood and italian. So, though I am aware of great restaurants in this city, I don't know of any great restaurants that are also dog friendly.

With any luck, some of you will have recommendations for restaurants that are both dog friendly and have good food.

Any help?

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    1. Thanks. I did a search, and all I was pulling up was topics from 2002 and earlier.

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        Search is temporarily broken, you can work around it with Google, e.g.:

        site:www.chowhound.com inurl:topics intitle:"San Francisco Bay Area" dog-friendly

      2. BTW, I just checked with The Slanted Door, and they allow dogs at the outside tables next to their restaurant. Problem is that there is no service at those tables. You have to order the items as takeout and eat them outside.

        1. if it's a nice day, take the ferry to sausalito and stroll a mile or so down Bridgeway to Fish - it's very dog friendly. pick a table overlooking the water and enjoy the day. cash only but there's an atm hanging on the outside wall. the food is very good.

          here's a link:

          1. Dogs do not belong in restaurants. It is illegal unless they are service animals.

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              Dogs cannot be inside restaurants, but they are usually allow at outdoor seating areas of restaurants.

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                Yes, this is almost always true. To say that dogs do not belong in restaurants (outside) is a preference and not a rule.

            2. Hoc - if the current weather keeps up there may not be many outdoor dining venues from which to choose (blowing rain and a bit on the chilly side). Best bet is to leave the dog at home this visit. However, if you do bring it and the weather cooperates, a good breakfast place where dogs are welcomed (sidewalk seating) is Rose's Cafe in Cow Hollow neighborhood. If I recall, they even have a communal water bowl near the front door. While I find the city a fairly dog-friendly city, be aware that a dog of that size may be intimidating to some diners and may not be as welcomed as, say, a labrador or retriever. Unfortunate, but true.

              1. The worry is the weather. Even if it doesn't rain, it is cold this time of year for eating outdoor.

                A few places you might call to see if you can make arrangements.

                Chez Spencer
                I haven't been here since it opened, but it continues to get great reviews. They have a large outdoor area, some of it covered and maybe they would allow the dog to be kept outside.

                A good solid restaurant if not exciting. The benefit here is that there are large windows, a bit of a covering, and easy access to a door. I've seen people leave their dogs tied outside while eating inside. Depending on the table, you can see the dog, the dog can see you. There's not a lot of foot traffic in that neighborhood to make the dog nervous. I see dogs tied outside restaurants in North Beach and it ticks me off. It is too busy and I don't want to be taking chances trying to get in the door with a strange dog as an obsticle to get around.

                1. It's all about outdoor seating...
                  Taylor's at the Ferry Bldg let's you sit at the outside tables with a well behaved pooch.
                  Samovar Tea Lounge at Yerba Buena Garden has wonderful outdoor seating
                  SF MOMA also has nice outdoor seating

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                    The food at Taylor's is nothing special. I wouldn't encourage a tourist to waste a meal there.

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                      I've only had the ahi tuna burger and sweet potato fries - both which i thought were really good. I agree it normally wouldn't be the top of my list, but I was just going for the "dog friendly" part of the deal.

                  2. A lot will have to do with the weather. It's been fairly dry this season, but we're in the midst of a week-long rain spell right now. There have also been a number of cold spells, too. Either situation would pretty much kill outdoor seating. If it's nice, you'll have a number of outdoor options. Though, honestly, I think you'll have a problem with most restaurants that have outdoor patios that require walking through the restaurant, given that it is illegal for pets to be inside restaurants (aside from service/guide dogs). A small dog in a porter can probably be sneaked through - a Weimaraner, well, kinda sticks out. haha

                    I'm sure you've thought of this ahead of time, but a dog of that size very well may be an issue for your hotel, too (unless you're staying with friends/family). We're about as "dog-friendly" as a city can be; however, laws are laws/policies are policies.

                    I've always been a dog lover, and my mother ran a doggy daycare/pet sitting business for a number of years; however, sometimes traveling with pets really ISN'T the best of ideas. Regardless of how well behaved, and how much they are a part of your family, they're still pets... and they'll certainly make enjoying our city to the fullest a bit, well, difficult. I'd be one to advocate the use of a kennel in this situation - certainly if coming here is a treat vs. a regular occurance.

                    Just my two cents... :)