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Feb 8, 2007 10:49 AM

Chicken thigh recipes?

I have eight chicken thighs that I need to cook tonight -- any suggestions?

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  1. Super easy: dump a bottle or two of italian dressing on them, let them marinate for a few hours, then bake while still in the marinade. They will be tender, juicy, and yum.

    Easy and even tastier than the Italian route: Mix up soy, teriyaki (be careful to balance well, otherwise they'll be too salty from the soy), a handful of chopped garlic, and a handful of chopped ginger. Allow them to marinate several hours, then cook in the marinade. They will be chock-full of salty, gingery, garlicky goodness.

    I had a friend that swears by thighs for Indian-style chicken: marinated in yogurt, garam masala, and other spices for several hours and then baked in the oven. I don't make them but you might google some good results.

    All of these preparations also yield tasty leftovers that are good cold right out of the fridge.


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      Just to be sure -- you bake the chicken with all of the italian dressing marinade? This sounds good -- how long should I bake the chicken?

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        Yes, they're literally swimming in the italian dressing as it boils and bubbles all around the thighs. That's what keeps 'em so moist, because I skin them before I cook them.

        I generally put the thighs in a pyrex dish, dump 1.5 bottles of dressing on them, the poke poke poke the thighs all over with a fork so that they can absorb the dressing. I'll poke and turn every now and again while they are marinating.

        I cook them for about an hour at 350. My better half says you can never overcook chicken and never takes them out before 1.5 hours are up. But they'll be done in an hour if you can't wait. :) I never can, because it smells so good and I know how tasty they will be.

        You will need an empty tin or jar to discard all of the italian dressing once you're done cooking them. That gets a little messy. But if you let it cool it will gel, and so less likelihood for spillage.

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          This sounds wonderful -- unfortunately, I won't have time to marinade tonight, but I'll be trying this out very soon!

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            how much chicken do you use for the 1 hr recipe? i have thighs with bone. thanks. i wanna try your recipe.

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              If you are cooking pieces, it would be an hour whether you are cooking one or twenty thighs.

              The best bet is to get an electronic thermometer that sounds off when the meat hits a certain temperature. It's much more accurate than doing it strictly by time.

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              how long do you marinate in the dressing?

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            Just a quick question on the italian dress marinade/sauce. How healthy would this be? It sounds really good but it also sounds unhealthy.

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              I would think it would depend on the quality of the dressing, and how much of the dressing you actually eat.

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                (realizes we're responding to a post made two years ago...)

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                  I didn't realize the post I commented on was from 2007 until I read your comment above...maybe they will see it.

            2. Cover a cookie sheet with foil, and spray it with cooking spray. Lavishly sprinkle both sides of the thighs with garlic salt and pepper (I skin the thighs, but it works either way). Then, on one side of the thighs, sprinkle brown sugar (about a couple of teaspoons to a tablespoon per thigh, depending on size; if you need to, just sort of mound this up on the thigh). Bake at 350 for at least an hour (this sounds like too long, but it isn't; I've let them go an hour and a half). The thighs will give off lots of juice that sort of caramelizes on the foil into a candy-like substance that at first you can scrape up with a spoon, and later you can pick up like very thin brittle (it may darken and some of it may seem to burn), and they will become quite brown and will essentially fall off the bone.

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                I made your recipe a couple weeks ago and they were great. I was very surprised to see my boyfriend's "O" face and his eyes roll back into his head. Absolutely delicious. I would recommend this!!!

              2. Thighs make a spectacular chicken paprikash. It's rich and hearty and just the thing for a cold winter night.

                Occasionally I use thighs for a quick curry or stirfry. Much more flavorful than breast.

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                  Yes! Even BFP likes my paprikash best with thighs, and he usually prefers breast meat in pretty much everything.

                2. An oven-fried chicken? Marinate the chicken thighs in soy sauce, black pepper, garlic powder, etc., dip in egg and dredge in flour, shake off excess flour, bake at 375 degrees.

                  1. from Memories of a Cuban Kitchen - this is one of my favorite recipes for chicken thighs.

                    I don't have the recipe handy, but found this online which is the same:

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                      Yummo! -- I'm assuming you just sub the chicken for pork and adjust the cooking times?

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                        I think the recipe I have calls for longer cooking times - over low heat until the chicken begins to fall from the bone. The chicken really benefits from the overnight marinating. The only change I make is that I prefer to cook the onion in the oil before I add the chicken. This dish is really great the next day, and the sauce is AWESOME. Serve it with white rice and some cuban black beans. Great with whole wheat couscous, too. Mmmmm...

                        I bought sour oranges at Hi-Lo (in my new 'hood in JP) and just made this dish the other night.

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                        Do you actually use sour orange juice (and where do you find it). Substitution?

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                          Goya has sour orange juice in a bottle. That's what I usually use. It's in the ethnic aisle of your grocery store. And I know for a fact that they carry it in Hi-Lo or any Hispanic market.

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                            mix 2 parts oj and and 1 part lime juice

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                              Oh yum. Mojo.

                              One of the all-time best marinades. EVAR. For anything.

                              Roast chicken, roast pork, fish...you name it, mojo makes it better.

                              1. re: sunshine842

                                Yes! I was just introduced to Goya Mojo Criollo and have already tried it twice with chicken thighs. Results after a 4-hour marinade were just OK, but a 24-hour one produced excellent flavor. Since the Goya Bitter Orange was on the shelf right next to it, I decided to try that too, and now have some chicken thighs marinating in. They were originally intended for tonight's dinner, but now that I've read the post from MB fka MB above, I'm going to add garlic and oregano when I get home this evening, marinate another day, and try that Cuban Pork Chop recipe tomorrow evening.

                                1. re: Miss Priss

                                  want heaven on a plate?

                                  Marinate a pork roast in Mojo in the fridge for 24 hours. Pitch it in the slow cooker with the marinade, and let it do its thing all day.

                                  Oooh, baby. Roast Mojo pork with black beans and rice and fried plantanos.

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                                    Sounds great. Even though a demanding work schedule and a general disinclination to plan ahead have combined to turn me into a pressure-cooker fanatic, I do have a slow cooker stashed away somewhere. This will definitely motivate me to dust it off and give it a spin! (And just so the pressure cooker doesn't feel rejected, I'll use it to make the beans.)