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Feb 8, 2007 10:35 AM

Dinner for 60?

My brother is getting married this summer in Sudbury and we're on the hunt for a suitable place to hold his rehearsal dinner. My job is to give him a list of places to chose from, but being from California, I'm not that familiar with the area. We're willing to consider a wider radius around Sudbury if need be.

Any suggestions?

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  1. There are a few in Framingham (next door) that would work for you. Two that I can think of right off the bat--Legal Sea Food and Metro 9 Steakhouse--both have large rooms for a rehearsal dinner.

    1. The Aegean in Framingham on Route 30 has a private room also.

      1. Firefly's in Framingham and Marlborough could be a fun place for a rehearsal meal. The BBQ's okay, and the Framingham location could easily handle 60 (with a little advance notice). I understand that you can also book the "Dante's" room at their Marlborough location.

        1. What time of year because a catered clam bake is always a fun rehersal dinner.

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            What a fun idea! I hadn't thought of that. The wedding is at the end of June, so it might be warm enough, right? Suggestions for caterers?

            1. re: spring

              At the risk of being redundant, I know Bullfinch's will do a clambake for rehearsal dinners. I wouldn't be surprised if the Wayside Inn would, as well :-)

              1. re: spring

                Woodman's does a good job. End of June would definitely be warm enough. Check for locations. Menus are on the site too.

                Clambakes/BBQs are a great choice for a rehearsal dinner. They are relaxed and a complete contrast to the formality of a wedding. Check for caterers and event facilities.

                1. re: spring

                  I would hurry up before everything is booked! June weddings are usually planned 18 months in advance around here.

              2. Also, the RatPack in Framingham sometimes closes down for private parties. Pricey, but the food is excellent.