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Dinner for 60?

My brother is getting married this summer in Sudbury and we're on the hunt for a suitable place to hold his rehearsal dinner. My job is to give him a list of places to chose from, but being from California, I'm not that familiar with the area. We're willing to consider a wider radius around Sudbury if need be.

Any suggestions?

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  1. There are a few in Framingham (next door) that would work for you. Two that I can think of right off the bat--Legal Sea Food and Metro 9 Steakhouse--both have large rooms for a rehearsal dinner.

    1. The Aegean in Framingham on Route 30 has a private room also.

      1. Firefly's in Framingham and Marlborough could be a fun place for a rehearsal meal. The BBQ's okay, and the Framingham location could easily handle 60 (with a little advance notice). I understand that you can also book the "Dante's" room at their Marlborough location.


        1. What time of year because a catered clam bake is always a fun rehersal dinner.

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            What a fun idea! I hadn't thought of that. The wedding is at the end of June, so it might be warm enough, right? Suggestions for caterers?

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              At the risk of being redundant, I know Bullfinch's will do a clambake for rehearsal dinners. I wouldn't be surprised if the Wayside Inn would, as well :-)

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                Woodman's does a good job. End of June would definitely be warm enough. Check http://woodmans.com/clambakes/event_s... for locations. Menus are on the site too.

                Clambakes/BBQs are a great choice for a rehearsal dinner. They are relaxed and a complete contrast to the formality of a wedding. Check www.meetingpath.com for caterers and event facilities.

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                  I would hurry up before everything is booked! June weddings are usually planned 18 months in advance around here.

              2. Also, the RatPack in Framingham sometimes closes down for private parties. Pricey, but the food is excellent.

                1. You know, Coach Grill is pretty darn good (steakhouse, lobsters, etc.) and I know they do rehearsal dinners. And they're right next door to Sudbury, in Wayland.


                  1. Why would you send them out of Sudbury, Hounds?

                    Bullfinch's - A very good American bistro

                    The Wayside Inn - It's not Haute cuisine, a very historic & traditiona inn.

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                      Because those two places are really bad. ; )

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                        Hee hee! I actually kinda like the Wayside Inn, not so much for its food, but for the colonial atmosphere. That might not be such a bad option.

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                          Thanks for all the options so far and the candid opinions. I knew I could rely on you 'hounds to do the long distance vetting. Yes, we're looking for a nice place with great food and while others attending probably won't be as attentive to the food as I will be....my reputation as the family foodie is at stake!

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                            Your welcome.
                            If you're willing to go to the seafood instead of it to you, I would suggest either Legal Seafood in Framingham or The Sole Proprietor in Worcester. Both are excellent and would be able handle 60 people easily. Legal gets more press based on their multiple locations in Ma. and elswhere but the Sole Proprietor is every bit their equal.
                            Here's their links:



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                            You must have me confused with someone else.

                            I've been to the places you recommend and I thought they were bad. Wayside Inn may be beautiful, but that doesn't help the food. I didn't recommend anything in town because that's not what the OP is looking for. I didn't recommend anything in or around Sudbury because I'm not aware of anything particularly worthwhile. The places I am familiar with in Sudbury, Wayland, Concord, Weston, Wellesley and Lexington are not worthy of this occassion. One thing I thought of is Dalya's, in Bedford, but it's not extraordinary and probably cannot accommodate 60 people. Another option might be in Lincoln, where one can rent out the Pierce House or Codman Farms and have a catered affair. But if it were me, I absolutely, positively would not choose Bullfinch's or The Wayside Inn. Sorry to disagree with you.

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                              Ok, here's another suggestion I thought of while responding to another thread: Tomasso Trattoria in Southborough. Reasonably close to Sudbury. Good tuscan cuisine. Ok prices. Nice setting.


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                                Well I was going to let it go but now I can't. As has been posted by me and an increasing number of Hounds, Tomasso's is the most maddeningly uneven "fine" dining in the area. It's been a roll of the dice each and every time I've been there. To the point that I don't go and can't recommend it.

                                Btw, Tomasso's can't handle 60 people as a private function during that time period nor can Romaines. Which is why I didn't mention Romaines. Even though they're, by far, a better and more reliable dining experience. I do, however, think your suggestion of the Pierce House / Codman Farm is an exceedingly good one.

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                              I strongly, respectfully and yes, cheerfully agree to disagree :-)

                              Bullfinch's has a strong following and deservedly so.

                              The Wayside Inn is what it is and doesn't pretend to be anything else.

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                                  Though I'd agree about the food, you can't beat the Wayside Inn for New England flavor. We once attended a wedding there that was held on the same evening as a regularly scheduled rehearsal of a local fife and drum corps, and yup, right in the middle of dinner, the group came marching in in full regalia, fifing, drumming and Yankee Doodling their little hearts out.

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                                    Lol, btw, anybody look like James Cagney? Maybe the littlest drummer boy?