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Feb 8, 2007 10:30 AM

Got any Tips for Polishing up an Old Stainless Steel Kettle?

I was given a beautiful heavy stainless steel kettle as a wedding present (a very long time ago). It still works fine despite being forgotten, and then boiling until it's dry, and then sitting empty on a high flame about a million times. It's dark, dull, tarnished condition probably displaying more graphically than anything else my tendency to get distracted until I notice "...that burning smell"

I tried steel wool with a gritty cleanser and elbow grease, I tried Wright's silver polish, I even tried my magic trick that works wonders for instantly polishing tarnished silver - soaking in very hot water, salt and a sheet of aluminum foil. Nothing worked.

Surely some domestic chowhound has a great trick for polishing up stainless steel.


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  1. Try a good scrub with Barkeeper's Friend...Then polish with Sheila Shine (made esp for ss)...

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      Do these 2 products, to your knowledge, contain any polishing ingredients in addition to abrasive grit and some sort of detergent or bleach?

    2. My understanding is that Sheila Shine was developed originally for the brightwork on yachts. My 20+ year old ss sink gleams!

      Here's the link:

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        PS: Don't use this on the inside of your kettle....just to polish the outside...

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          Thank you so much. I'm definitely going to check out Sheila Shine!

          1. re: niki rothman

            I get it at my hardware store....marinas usually have it....and, of course, Amazon...