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Anyone been to Chiado or Mildred Pierce lately?

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Six of us are going out for a birthday celebration. We want somewhere with excellent food, service & ambience that is downtown (south of Bloor). Price isn't that much of an issue, but prefer it not to be the most expensive meal in town.

Chiado was at the top of my list, but I have heard of some bad experiences lately. Has anyone been there lately? What about Mildred Pierce? It's been a while since there have been any posts on these places. And if anyone has any other ideas, please share them! Thanks.

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  1. I love both restaurants. Chiado is going to be a slight stiffer, more formal atmosphere, though the food and wine are fantastic. For a more casual, yet still beautiful atmosphere, I'd definitely go with Mildred Pierce. It will be less pricy, as well.

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      If you're looking for something more casual, Senhor Antonio Tapas is next to Chiado and part of the restaurant, but it is more casual and less stiff. I haven't been for a while, but I have never had a bad dinner at either place.

    2. Had brunch at MP a couple of weeks ago - was great. Chiado was very good, but very expensive.

      1. I have eaten at both in the last couple of months.
        Love Chiado, but with a group I would suggest MP.
        Cheaper (but not cheap) and a little more relaxed.
        I will be going to MP to-morow evening.
        Easy parking in this weather as well.

          1. Mildred Pierce just sent a message to their mailing list that read "Where's Mildred Pierce? Fashionably late." So I assume they are still going to reopen at a not yet announced location.

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              The new restaurant is complete, has been for a while..
              They just need a break.

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                  I heard it's in one of the spots beside The Drake.

            2. Does anyone have any updates on when Mildred Pierce will reopen? I really liked the place.

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                Will be by early spring.
                Probably April
                Little glitches.
                Fairly certain that it is in Liberty Village .
                It is still a sort of "secret".

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                  There's a new place on Queen St. on the same block as the Gladstone and The Beaver, on the corner across from Addis Ababa. It's called the Kitchen. Could this be it? If not, does anyone have any info?

                  I haven't seen it open yet, thought it looks finished with lots of old school wood.

              2. I ate at Chiado about a month ago, with a friend. The food was generally very good, some of it was great, but some of it was disappointing. They overcooked the grilled squid to the point of rubber, which was amazing to for a fish resto. The desserts were out of this world. The best I've had in a while. (I'd recommend their tapas bar for late-night desserts.) The service was terrible. Stodgy and pompous. The waiter could not even recommend a port. Overall, the feel is very old world formal.

                1. Latest on Mildred Pierce is that she's re-opening soon at 85 Hanna Avenue, in Liberty Village... Don't have a date yet and there's nothing on the website either... but hopefully soon!!

                  1. Chiado is a great place for fine dining. But it isn't cheap and that can sometimes be an issue with a large party. That said, my experience there has been that if you ask ahead for something prix fixe they will be happy to pair food and wine to suit a reasonable budget. And you'll be getting the real thing. If the birthday person like fine dining, it will make them happy.