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Feb 8, 2007 10:25 AM

Mexico City

Could someone please let me know the best kosher restaurants in Mexico City. Thanks.

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  1. El Gaucho is one of the best kosher restaurants anywhere, don't bother with the wine list though. Aladinos is a shlep and not at all worth it.

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      I have to say I was not impressed with El Gaucho. I've been there now three times and all three times was underwhelmed. The steaks do not compare to NY Steak places (e.g. Les Marais). The steaks were full of connective tissue and required serious work with a knife. The location is convenient (walking distance from the Marriott, Intercontinental and the W), the service is pleasant, the place looks great, and they make a nice margarita. For good food though, I'd agree with bennyt and recommend Tacos Pliny.

    2. Are there any good places for tacos?

      1. We had an INCREDIBLE glatt kosher meal at Tacos Piny (in Colonia Polanco, Ejercito Nacional 458-D, at Emerson; The owers were so nice and they spoke Hebrew and English, and the food was fantastic- tacos al pastor (spit-roasted beef or turkey, with sauteed onions and tomatoes and spices), bistec (grilled steak), pargiyot (grilled chicken) were all outstanding (the pargiyot and beef tacos al pastor were the highlights), served with warm tortillas, red and green salsa, and tahini. The tacos were the closest I've ever had to the "real thing" (regrettably, there was a time in my life when I ate treyf. so I know what the "real thing" is supposed to taste like). We didn't try the falafel and hummous, but they're also supposed to be good. It was very reasonably priced, too - two of us ate an insane amount of food, including two beers and two sodas, for 400 pesos (a little under 40 bucks), but you could easily eat for a lot lot less (we had been in Mexico City for a week and were hardly able to eat anything up to that point, so we felt the need to devour all fleish in site).

        We were a little underwhelmed by El Gaucho; the meat was nothing special or unusual (except the chorizo) - I had better (and cheaper) Argentinian in Israel. But it was still very cool to have them bring the little grill to the table so that I could grill my own meat (we had the Gaucho mixed grill, which was chorizo, some skirt steak-ish cut, and "baby beef" (not quite sure what cut it was), and chicken breast. It was great to eat such a vast quantity of fleish in one sitting after not being able to eat much for the preceding week in Mexico City, and it was still a heck of a lot cheaper than going out for kosher meat in New York. But for my money, Tacos Piny is the place to go. Both places are open till the wee hours, and get packed with Jews of all stripes.

        1. Breakaway,

          Headed to Mexico next week and need to know whether you were successful in finding Kosher in Mexico City. Any other folks who have had experiences with Kosher in Mexico City, please feel free to reply as well! thanks.


          1. I'd also suggest that you check out the shamash kosher database: