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Feb 8, 2007 07:04 AM

Winterlicious Experiences and Economics [moved from Ontario board]

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The feeling in the biz ( servers and owners) is that people who are out for a deal( entertainment cards, advantax, and the @#*$storm known as winterlicious) will NOT go back during the rest of the full price year.

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  1. then why participate? are they making enough money to cover the stress endured by a kitchen constantly pumping out food and servers who are getting shorted on tips? plus the high possibility that people who don't feel they've gotten their full worth will be ranting on boards like this and preventing future diners from ever considering eating there? i'm starting to think no one wins in this little game.

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    1. re: pinstripeprincess

      You know what? People will always be ranting and whining on boards like this.

      1. re: pumpkin1

        Then why participate?

        That question just never seems to get answered by the biz people who rant and whine about licious clients on this site.

    2. Part of the reason is because they do not have good experience at these promotion due to subpar food and services so they do not return !

      Just like some people on this board, they take client to lunch and dinner, but with their experience at these so-called promotion, they will not return to the restaurant.
      Yes, I agree that there are some winterlicious customer who does not dess up properly, blah, blah, blah... but it is up to the restaurant or their management to handle the kind of situation ... you open the door for business and you will have this kind of things.

      So PLEASE don't put all the blame to the customer saying that you should not expect this or that, or you have to expect to wait half an hour to be seated/served because the restaurant usually double/triple their booking in the promotion period ...etc.
      Oh come on, it is simply the restaurant cannot handle these promotion that they are damaging their reputation themselves.

      1. I think the servers and owners are very wrong, in that case. I will definitely be going back to the restaurants that treated me well during winterlicious...and those that do not, will never enter my mind (and full tummy) ever again.

        And what's more, I tell all my friends about good winterlicious experiences, I post them on here, and it *does* effect their reputation.

        ...and what is a restaurant without a good reputation....?!

        1. Actually my impression is that *servers* hate Winterlicious, but managers and owners love it.

          Servers: Obnoxious cheap customers, busy, bad tips.
          Managers/owners: Busy. Menus calculated for thin margins, but margins nonetheless. The possibility that one in 10 new patrons will return.

          1. Yeah, this is some of the immediate concern, so owner do make profit out of it, because doing a promotion sometimes result in a loss in exchange for future success.

            More importantly, some of the intermediate to long term concern, for example :

            10 people have good winterlicious experience, they write about it on forum like this, tell their co-worker the good services, tell their friend the good food. More and more people know about this good restaurant. More people go to the restaurant, server get more tips, owner make more money and everybody happy.

            Same with the 10 people who have bad experience, they just do everything in the opposite way.