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Feb 8, 2007 10:12 AM

Il Bastardo-Anyone been there recently?

I am going to be in the Chelsea area (23rd btw 6th & 7th) for a wine course/tasting on Saturday and I am looking for a new place for dinner. I usually go to Le Zie or hike over to Crispo but I wanted to see what people think of Il Bastardo. There is not much recent info on this board and the information that is there is mixed. I am looking for a nice Italian restaurant with a good wine list. Is this place worth trying or am I better off sticking with my favorites? Any other options? Thanks

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  1. We went Saturday evening and I thought it was pretty good, but nothing overly memorable. I wouldn't make it a point to go back. Too many other great places to try at that price point.

    1. We went a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed the lasagna and the fried calamari appetizers. I think this is a great little neighborhood restaurant.

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        We went a couple of weeks ago on a Monday evening. It was quite crowded. The aesthetics are a bit overdone but kind of nice. The calamari was very mediocre as was the ceasar salad. It was difficult to get the waiter's attention . He seemed distracted and a bit unpleasant.

        I had the ravioli alla vodka which was really great. i was almost blown away. two problems: they won't leave you with a small bowl of grated parmesan. instead, a guy comes over to painstakingly grate the fresh cheese over each plate. yeh, i know this is the way it's often done but, for someone who likes cheese, i haven't developed a real appreciation for this. second proble, the portion was small.

        my friend had the pollo ripieno (chicken stuffed with asiago , spinach and prociutto) which she really loved.

        my friend had a glass of wine but was not blown over by it. I was unimpressed with the wine list but i am not an expert. very, very limited selection of wine by the glass.

        so i guess this is a mixed review. i have yet to find a great pasta place in manhattan.

      2. I wish this place were great, but sadly it's disappointed us every time. Not very good. Best restaurant in chelsea though is tia pol. Great place for post wine tasting.