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on all your advice about Pigalle, is it worth it for Vday......

My SO is in agreement with a all your recs in reference to a romantic quiet excellent meal I posted a month ago....So we are headed to Pigalle for Vday...$160.00 for five courses without wine pairing...."live flamanco"music..Is it worth it?

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  1. It's definitely worth it on Feb. 13 or Feb. 15 at normal prices. I can't speak of the Vday event, but usually those are a letdown, even at the great places.

    1. We thought of heading to Pigalle for V-day (since we're seeing a show that night and will be in the area.) When I saw that $160pp price gauge, I changed my mind.....

      1. maybe we should create an alternative to V-day like festivus for february. It's the worst night of the year to go out for dinner, followed closely by new years eve.

        1. I was there 3 years back, actually seated at the bar b/c I called on 2/13 and they were kind enough to accommodate me there. I don't remember what the price was then (I assume that's for 2!), but I do remember that it was as good as always--no holiday shortcuts here. (I can say the same for Sel de la Terre the following year. I cannot say the same for Mamma Maria last year, which was a gouge if ever there was one, IMO.)

          1. $160.00 is per person!!!!

            1. $160.00 is per person!!!! Is it worth it? I don't mind spending that kind of "dough". L'Espalier has had similiar prix fixe for about that, and it was worth it...so I question if Pigalle can pull it off.

              1. There aren't many places in Boston where you can spend $320 on dinner for two (barring the inclusion of a lot of extravagant wine). I would do everything I could to maximize the chances that this huge bet would pay off. One way I'd do that is to avoid spending it on Valentine's Day, even at a place that purportedly doesn't cut corners to exploit the undiscriminating and/or unsuspecting crowds that always turn up.

                I did this once, at L'Espalier, and it was a huge step down in quality at exactly the same price they normally charge (over $300 for two). I felt very sheepish, as I have long advocated against dining out on these Herd Holidays.

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                  I paid $350 for the V-Day menu with wine pairings at Meritage, and it was actually pretty lousy. Not "disappointing for the price," but actually lousy, except for the wines. I'll never do a V-Day prixe-fixe again. This year I'm cooking for her!

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                    I'm with you... after reading this and similar threads about V-Day, I think staying in and cooking a multi-course meal myself is the way to go. Sure it may be less than 1/8 as good but it'll be at least 1/8 as cheap PLUS my sweetheart and I will have all the ambiance my studio apartment offers : )

                2. Flamenco at a regional-French restaurant? Très odd.

                  I do like Pigalle a lot, though. I think they have one of the best steak tartares in town, and most of the other things I've had there are top-notch.

                  My SO and I often splurge at some "ethnic" restaurant for V-Day (Peking duck, Korean BBQ, or some such) to avoid the amateurs.

                  1. I was one of those who originally reccomended Pigalle as an exception which could do a very good job on busy restaurant holiday. I had reservations there myself for Valentine's Day. Those reservations have since been cancelled.

                    $160/pp ($225 with wine) is preposterous! Pigalle is easily doubling the price of a normal meal there. On a day like V's day I am hoping that a resturant is close to its normal par. It is far fetched to think it will be better than usual and anywhere close to justifying these prices. My advice is to skip Pigalle for the holiday. Either go somewhere where prices are normal, or stay home and cook or order in.

                    Go to Pigalle on another night when you can get 6 courses paired with wine for $125pp.

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                      It was half that, *if* half that, when I was there just a couple of years ago--I could never have gone otherwise. Kind of a shame--I think of them as more hospitable than that.

                    2. Agreed. I was a bit surprised and put off. I would expect this from a lot of places in Boston. I have always afforded Pigalle a different respect, but perhaps I was wrong.

                      1. Pigalle is fantastic, definitely top 5 on my Boston list. My first time there was on Valentines Day 4-5 years ago. It was a memorable meal, but the tab ran us over $400. It will impress your SO, but I would recommend going there any other night of the year.

                        1. FYI...Pigalle has lowered the price of their Vday dinner to $140pp. Wonder if they read the chow boards.

                          1. $140 pp is still an awful lot there. are they going to shower you with truffles and bathe you with foie gras? their normal 5-course tasting WITH wine is $125...

                            i'd pass and go someplace less inclined to gouge sweethearts.

                            1. The proposed menu is below. No truffles or foie for the price. In fact, there is a $10 upcharge for fake caviar even though the real deal is available again.

                              $160 Per Person/$225 With Wine (tax, gratuity and beverage not included)

                              Chef's Amuse Bouche

                              First Course
                              Oysters on the Half Shell (American Caviar Supplement $10), or
                              Chestnut Soup with Veal Sweetbreads and Caramelized Ham, or
                              Steamed Shrimp Shumai (For Two), or
                              Arugula Salad with Crispy Bacon, Parmesan Cheese and Fingerling Potato Chips

                              Second Course
                              Parmesan Risotto with Exotic Mushrooms, Diced Vegetables and Truffle Oil, or
                              Halibut en Croûte with Vanilla Scented Celery Root Mousse and a Bouillabaisse Reduction, or
                              Seared Tuna with Horseradish Gnocchi and a Blood Orange-Port Reduction

                              Third Course
                              Sliced Tenderloin with White Truffle Butter, Aligot Potatoes and Glazed Baby Vegetables, or
                              Pigalle Cassoulet of Confit Duck Leg, Braised Lamb Shank and Home-Made Pork Sausage, or
                              Hunter Style Chicken Cannelloni with Exotic Mushrooms and Fried Leeks

                              Dessert Course

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                                Thanks for posting! Doesn't seem worth $160 to me. For the OP, Pigalle is good, but do it another nite when they aren't trying to sucker the suckers. Shame on Pigalle.

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                                    Wow, that's unbelieveable.
                                    I was going to go to Pigalle a while back, having heard "great French bistro!" mostly NOT from CW's - but looking at the menu in the window stopped me:

                                    $16.00 for ONION SOUP!!!

                                    Then I found Brasserie Jo, and I've been very happy since, and have saved many hundreds of dollars (gee, I guess that's about 3 visits).

                                    1. re: sophie fox

                                      Man, I know B. Jo has a lot of detractors, but its French onion soup and (I know, I know, I've said it before) steak tartare are still my favorites in town.

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                                        That's good to know. A month ago, I was in town for the day, kinda hungry but not tremendously, and I just hopped in at 7PM on a Friday night, got a lovely table, had a fine glass of Bordeaux for a pittance, perfectly old-school escargots, a wonderful frisee au lardons, and crepes Suzette - which didn't need the ice cream that came with, but were swell. The whole meal cost me a ridiculously small amount of money, and the service was friendly and very competent.

                                  2. Ha, just for the update...after all this fuss...our flight from Chicago to Boston has been cancelled so we won't have to worry about the high end prices and the flamenco music at Pigalle tonight. What irony. We shall be stuck at the airport....now we can take your advice and try Pigalle another night other than Vday. It wasn't meant to be. HA HA

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                                      Oh well, maybe there's a Legal Seafoods at O'Hare. Boston is a mess too--every restaurant must be taking a hit tonight!

                                    2. Pigalle is very nice. But it hardly rates those kinds of prices. Because it's very nice, not exceptional. I do think the atmosphere is pleasant and conducive to conversation, (which flamenco music would destroy). But again, it's the quality of restaurant that I'd pay $160 for two, not per person.

                                      Plus their menu isn't really highlighting anything especially expensive. They should be embarrassed.

                                      1. I agree; I don't get it. I'd like to think that they're charging these prices because they're offering some really unique and/or precious ingredients for this special occasion, but a quick look at the menu certainly doesn't confirm that. Chicken? Halibut? Seems like pretty standard fare to me. Unfortunately it looks like they are simply participating in the usual V-day price gauge. That's too bad. I wonder if they'll take a hit tonight b/c of the storm --if they do it sort of serves them right. I was originally thinking of dining there tonight and would have (regardless of the weather) if they had offered their regular menu....I have a lot more respect for spots that do that --keeping the regular menu for special occasions...obviously I have no problem if they want to offer a special "prix-fixe" menu in addition..I think that's great...more power to 'em...just give us the choice.....

                                        1. By comparison, Hamersley's was $95 per person and was probably vastly superior.

                                          1. Considering dinner at PerSe in NYC is only $200 pp, I find it hard to pay $165 for Pigalle.