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Boqueria - What to Have?

I'm having lunch with my friend who is a reporter for the New York Times in a few weeks and he wants to go to Boqueria, which I've read is very good. Does anyone who has been there have any thoughts on what we should order? I don't get up to Manhattan very often, so I want to really enjoy it!


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  1. I loved this place. You have to get the lamb tapas. The dates tapas were good too. We got a whole variety of things and loved every dish but it was the lamb tapas that we could not get enough of.

    1. The suckling pork is pretty awesome. Beer sangria is so much better than it sounds like it would be. You can't go wrong with the tortilla.

      1. Potato croquettes. Paella. White or red rioja.

        1. the sucking pig wasn't bad, but it wasn't my favorite.

          the croquetas were wonderful, as were the tortilla and the dates with bacon, almonds, and cabrales. the blistered padron peppers with sea salt were really simple and good. for dessert we shared the tulcinillo, which was a wonderful egg yolk custard with an almost rubbery texture that actually worked.

          1. The padron blistered peppers are not to missed. There not very spicy hot, but very good.


            1. they have these jamon joints with a quail egg on top. get those for sure.

              1. Loved the valdeon, marcona almonds stuffed dates wraped in bacon. Agreed with the padron peppers. Try to eat them when they just come out. The flavor changes as it cools, and it's just not the same. The croquetes are also not to be missed.

                While I liked the ham and quail eggs, I wasn't wowed by them. The patatas bravas are good, but not spectacular. Tia Pol does a much better version. The Spanish ham tapas is served on slices of tomato bread. Personally, I loved this version but DH did not.

                For dessert the churros are great, especially as they're served with hot chocolate that's not too sweet. If you like to eat your hot foods hot, make sure you tell the waitstaff to bring out the tapas two or three at a time. When I was there, they brought out all six tapas at once! Many of the foods cooled off by the time I was able to eat them.

                1. We actually went last night - it was outstanding.

                  definitely get the croquettes - fantastic.
                  the octopus was the best I ever had, but I think it was a special.
                  The poached foie,
                  the hake,
                  SARDINES - awesome
                  grilled lamb
                  truffled lentils with poached egg - fantastic
                  Sopresata - we all agreed it was the best we ever tasted

                  For dessert we had the creme classica (a brulee with a nice thick crust that tasted like toasted marshmallow) and a bruleed bread pudding with good ice cream. the warm churros with chocoiate sauce were good - the dough was potato-ey.

                  We ordered many things, but these are the ones I recall most clearly - -we drank rose cava that went beautifully with everything. They were out of cockles, so we missed out - i would have definitely ordered those. They have a nice selection of sherries and dessert wine - that's what the guys had - I tasted theirs but finished with a verdeho for a little acid at the end of all that food. Perfect!

                  Service was sweet and very good. can't wait to go back.

                  1. The dates were awesome.
                    Baby squid & Cojonudo were ok.

                    1. there is a fig dish that scores! an the razor clams were great