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Feb 8, 2007 09:13 AM

long weekend in louisville, KY - where to eat?

Some girlfriends and I are headed down to Louisville for president's day weekend. We'd love a few suggestions of where to eat - reasonably priced please. No real requirements except that it be in Louisville, and we'd love a few authentic KY meals. Thanks!

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  1. My favorite of the reasonably priced places here is Mayan Cafe on Market Street.

    Toast (also on Market) is a good breakfast/lunch place, as is North End Cafe on Frankfort Avenue.

    You might try Lilly's for lunch if you want really good, high-end food at a more reasonable price.

    Artemisia (again, on Market Street) is fun. Havana Rumba (in St. Matthews) is a great Cuban restaurant.

    RAW (Fourth Street, downtown) and Sapporo (Bardstown Road), and Maido (Frankfort Avenue) are good if you want sushi (my choice would be Maido).

    The Bristol is a Louisville mainstay and reasonably priced--there's one on Bardstown Road and one on Main or Market downtown (it's across from the Center for the Arts).

    Come Back Inn (Swan Street at Breckinridge) is really good and very reasonable.

    Gumbo-A-Go-Go is good, steamy Cajun food (perfect this time of year). The original is on Frankfort Avenue and there's a new one on Baxter Avenue.

    One place I have not tried but consistently gets stellar reviews is Shiraz. It's on Frankfort Avenue.

    You should also check out and for restaurant reviews, especially if you want to find good regional (as in down-home) food. I think the Holly Hill Inn just got a good review, but I'm not sure exactly where it is.

    Have fun!!

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      If you're looking for great coffee, go to Day's on Bardstown Road at Edenside--there are LOTS of local shops, but in my opinion, no others with coffee as good.

    2. One of my favorite, fun, inexpensive places to go is Palermo Viejo on Bardstown. It is an Argentine restaurant that is only open for dinner. I always have their provoleta or potato fritta for an appetizer, and I love their empanadas and sangria. They also have some decent Argentine wines that are very cheap. Also, I've never been, but my husband loves Havana Rumba.

      1. Check out
        We've got lots of great restaurants that compare favorably with anywhere else. August Moon and Asiatique are both remarkable. Lynn's Paradise Cafe may be of interest to you since it was featured on TV with Bobby Flay .211 Clover and the Meridian Cafe both found in the St Matthews area are great cozy little places in unique settings and perfect for gal pals. L & N Wine Bar and Bistro is consistantly good and may be what you're looking for if you're looking for something with a local touch. If you center your sights along the Frankfort Ave area all the way from downtown to St Matthewsa OR along the Bardstown Road corridor you'll find many great, independant restaurants. Use the site above to check out the menus. All of the restaurants noted in the first post are wonderful as well. Hope you have a great time while you're visiting!

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          1. Don't forget Ramsey's in the highlands across from Mid-City Mall, August Moon on Lexington Road and Havana Rumba in St. Matthews. Those are all reasonably priced, great food.

            No one mentioned authentic Louisville - The Hot Brown. I believe Lynn's Paradise Café might serve a hot brown. Think beef Manhattan with turkey instead of beef.