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Feb 8, 2007 09:04 AM

Restaurant near 604Bin

I'm from out of town and not too familiar with the area yet, but I purchsed a wine tasting class at Bin 604 for my wife (604 South Exetor St, Baltimore) which is located in or around Fells Point I'm pretty sure. And I wanted to find a good place to take her for lunch prior to the class in the proximity. Is the Black Olive too far away? If so, do you have any other suggestions? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Bin 604 is not quite in Fells Point, not quite in Little Italy, and not quite in the Inner Harbor. It's situated in the middle of these three areas. Plenty of restaurants in these adjoining areas, just search the boards for recs based on these neighborhoods.

    Black Olive would be a short cab ride away (or about a 20-minute walk, some blocks which may be percieved as a little skeevy by some). Maybe you can take the water taxi to Fells Point, then walk back to walk off the food?

    Chui's Sushi is next door to Bin 604. Great, great, great sushi. Can't say enough about the quality of their fish, the innovation of their rolls (they have some great combos), and the service. It's a little kitschy (think Hello Kitty, kimonos, zori, the waving kitty decoration everyhere) but I love it. Haven't had a bad thing there, it's my favorite sushi place in Baltimore. (Tokyo Sushi is better, but loacted in Glen Burnie.) Non-sushi eaters have plenty of other things to choose from, and say good things about the lunch bento box combos.

    You're a hop, skip, and a jump from Little Italy from that location, just head north on Exeter and a bounty of restaurants await. I haven't been to Little Italy in years (a little too touristy and I prefer lighter food) but search for recs on the board and I'm sure you'll find some that appeal to you.

    You're also not that far from the Inner Harbor if you're up for a 10-15 minute walk. Know that most places in the harbor are packed for lunch, and primarily consist of chains.

    Federal Hill butts up against the Inner Harbor, but it's going to be a longer hike (or, again, a $5 cab ride) back to Bin 604.

    Bin 604 makes my heart go pitter-patter. Hope you have a great class!

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      Black Olive is not farther from Bin 604 than the Inner Harbor is (it's about 9 blocks). I'm not sure what "skeevy" means, but there aren't really any dangerous blocks on that walk. In this cold weather, though, a 9 block walk could seem pretty long.

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        Dude, what are you talking about? Bin 604 to Black means 1/2 block to Aliceanna, one block to Central, one block to Eden, one block to Caroline, one block to Bond, and one block south. And the way you'd find the walk "skeevy" is if you happen to have a thing against young yuppies who can afford 1/2 million dollars houses and condos.

        Also, anyone who can get from Fells Point to Federal for $5 bux in a cab must be riding circa 1985.

        At any rate, Fells Point has a ton of stuff open for lunch. Black Olive is very doable. Blue Moon used to be great but most people think it is only good and somewhat uneven. I think the Waterfront is open for lunch, but that place (like Kooper's, Slainte, and Ding How) is an additional three to five blocks away.

      2. You're only a block or two from Pazo, owned by the Bin 604 people. Pazo serves tapas and more, has great atmosphere (altho very noisy at times, and is really good.

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        1. In the immediate area (2 to 3 blocks) you have a few places:
          Taco Fiesta - one of those chain taco places
          Whole Foods - nice prepared foods section
          James Joyce - Irish pub
          Roy's, Oceanaire, Fleming's - not sure if they are open for lunch, but I've heard that Oceanaire has an early bird fixed price menu - not sure if this is true though
          Grille 700 - in the Marriott
          Chui's Sushi
          Rigano's Bakery and Deli
          Waterfront Deli
          3 to 5 blocks:
          Blue House - a funky coffee shop/furniture store
          Blue Moon Cafe - great breakfast (not sure about lunch) in an old baltimore rowhouse
          Ding How - Chinese, great lunch specials
          Slainte - Irish pub
          Cooper's - Pub Grub
          Duda's - Good burgers and a nice beer selection

          1. so chui sushi is by far the BEST sushi in baltimore, its is awsome! there is no better sushi in batlimore, including towson. the fish is fresh, the atmosphere is cool. what more do you want? nothing in the baltimore area can surpass chui sushi. maybe d.c. but not really. you might have to go to seattle to find something more fresh, and i know sushi!

            1. Depending on what you'd like to eat there are many options. You can go the corporate route w/ McCormick and Schmicks close by or show some support for a local restuarant and dine @ Chui's or any number of places in Fells Point. Which BTW - is only a skeevy walk if you go up several blocks and walk thru the projects, but why would you? when the water front is right there. You won't have difficulty finding places to eat. Little Italy is right across the way and the Inner Harbor isn't too far of a walk if its a nice day out.