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Feb 8, 2007 09:01 AM

Dad's 60th Bday - Sat. night Sushi for 8 ppl

My dad will be in town to celebrate his 60th next month, and he wants to go out for sushi. Caveat: he's not a sushi connoisseur and tends to prefer rolls over sashimi. Looking for a place that can accommodate a group of us, lively but not too much of a scene, with good food and good drinks (though my parents aren't into cocktails), preferably in or near the West Village. I like Kirara but the space is pretty tight. I know there are great sushi places in the city, but unfortunately the virtues of finer Japanese dining would probably be lost on dear old dad (e.g., his favorite sushi joint back home is Chinese owned and operated). Preliminary list of contenders includes Ido, Hedeh, Sakura Hana, Haru... but I've never been to any of these places. Any guidance or recommendations would be appreciated!

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  1. Forget those places you mentioned and head right to Megu...for crying out loud, it's dad's birthday...take him somewhere special....the crispy shrimp roll is to die for!!

    1. The area around St Marks in the Vilage is essentially Japantown, so there are some great Sushi places.

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        I live right in the area and there are some good cheap sushi joints there (Natori comes to mind) but I definitely would NOT take my dad there on his 60th birthday. Unless the OP's dad likes dives and loud students drinking beer.

      2. All right its in the theater district and not the village, but Sushi Zen is a very nice and adult place. My parents often go when they are in the city and their friends who don't eat sushi love it too. The place is pretty and serene, they have fun rolls and the sushi is great.

        1. Yama on 49th and 2nd - not as rowdy as the one on Irving, same quality sushi and much nicer interior
          Sushi of Gari on the UES
          Geisha - Madison, somewhere in the 60s
          Japonais on 18th between Park/Irving - a bit of a scene, but the rolls are to die for and honestly in Gramercy, you can't fill up a restaurant that big (and good) only with people who want to be seen.
          Koi in Bryant Park Hotel - more of a scene than Japonais, business-y crowd but it's a very nice restaurant and they have really good rolls

          Sorry, don't know any place in the WV

          1. I've got a solution for you. It's in the West Village and will please both the sophisticated sushi eater and the basic as they have special rolls for you and the regular sushi for your father (though you may urge him to try yours). It's called Tora and, for reasons not known to me, seems to remain undiscovered except by those of us in the neighborhood who return and are always delighted. It's on 7th Ave. South below Bleecker on the East Side of the street. You'll be able to get in and the prices are truly fair. We've been to most of the places described above, but think this will make all of you very happy. The service is sweet and professional. Fish is high quality, menu is extensive. Trust me on this one. It's more comfortable and not as jammed as Megu, priced similarly and may have more choices as well.