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Going to Vegas this weekend --- need some help navigating the plethora of eating options.

Any good recs for:

a) something cheap and nasty?

b) special dessert?

c) good steak?

d) best buffet?

e) anything to avoid?

f) especially unique?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Rosemary's was good for lunch
    Wynn or Bellagio for buffet

    1. b) special dessert?
      Jean-Philippe Patisserie at Bellagio

      c) good steak?
      Prime at Bellagio, SW at Wynn

      d) best buffet?

      f) especially unique?
      The 4-storey wine tower Aureole - Mandalay Bay
      Open kitchen expensive counter dining at L'atelier - MGM

      1. a) something cheap and nasty?
        Mermaids Casino (downtown) - deep fried Oreos and deep fried Twinkies. See photo.

        b) special dessert?
        I agree with skylineR33. Try any of the pastries at Jean-Philippe P√Ętisserie (other things are good, but pastries are the stars).

          1. Nix the Bellagio Buffet. Spice Market (Alladin/Planet Hollywood) is much better for a bit less cash. I went to Bellagio and was thoroughly unimpressed given the hype. Spice Market was great. Our party of 3 was totally impressed and satisfied.

            With the online coupon, lunch at Rosemary's is $20 for 3 courses. Best deal in town.

            1. I don't know if this meets any of your criteria but I really like the giant pancakes at the Terrace Pointe Cafe at the Wynn. Here's a photo


              And, I don't know if it's special or unique in your book, but the fried whole catfish at Lotus of Siam is outstanding.


              1. If you want to get away from the glitz, head down Spring Mountain Road and dine in the Asian district. There's Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, and of course Chinese. I haven't had a bad meal at any restaurant there yet.