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Feb 8, 2007 08:55 AM

"Reusable" cheese cloth?

Hopefully, this is considered a "cookware" question, wasn't sure where else to post it!

Any one know of a good source for resuable cheese cloth? Does such a thing exist? I've learned how to make tofu and I think having a really strong, sturdy piece of cheesecloth would help me out immensely.

Thank you!

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  1. New England Cheesemaking Supply:

    They have what you need.


    1. I wash my cheesecloth well in gentle soap and hot water and then boil it and air dry it and then store it in a clean plastic bag. I've used the same cheesecloth quite a few times. You should always boil new cheesecloth before using it on food anyway - God only knows where it's been before you buy it. But, in any case, any good fabric store should sell cheesecloth. If for some reason you cannot find it, I got mine with my quark maker from the German Corner in Oregon. No doubt they would be happy to sell and mail you some. They have a website. Just google them.