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Feb 8, 2007 08:49 AM

rainbow drive-in... has it changed?

We tried this recommended place and truly, it was the most disgusting meal I have ever had. And I happen to love this kind of food.

We shared a mixed plate comprising beef, mahi mahi, fried chicken and macaroni salad. My husband, whose iron guts will dutifully digest anything that can shovelled past his lips, could not take a second bite of the barbq beef which was definitely off. The breading on the mahi mahi was soggy, coagulated into a soggy, starchy and lumpy coating. Everything was cold, not tepid, but cold. The rice was smashed into clumps as well.

Fortunately the malasadas at Leonard's more than compensated.

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  1. oh geez. I just went, and it sounds like I had a different meal. Loved it. All hot and tasty.

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      We must have had just been there on an off morning, which is really unfortunate because now I can't even beg or threaten my husband into trying Aloha Mixed PLate here in Maui because he is so turned off of those last two words! :)

    2. For $6 we had the Mahi Mahi plate with loads of Mahi Mahi, rice and Mac Salad. It was a better meal, and more satisfying than the $150 dinner we had the night before at the W hotel. What does that say?

      1. yeah, i think you guys went on an off day. rainbows is not the best plate lunch place, but its definitely not the worst. you can always go for the usual boneless chicken w/gravy over there. other plate lunch places to consider:

        masa's, in mapunapuna
        asahi grill, on ward
        kakaako kitchen
        hk's, in moiliili
        jurisons, in waikele

        there are so many that i can't really remember them all.

        1. Sunday PM.I look out window and see steel mill bellowing smoke, against a gray sky with blowing snow. Plate lunch sounds really good. I'd get that Mahi, short rib, chicken combo platter....

          1. Well I can tell you that your experience was off.... WAY off. I just returned from a weekend in Honolulu and I ate there at least once a day everyday I was there. The Mahi was perfect, crisp and tasty, even my friend who I went with who hates fish ate the mahi plate three times.

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              ok I went again...I am sorry, but this is good stuff. We had a terri beef sandwich and a mixed plate (Mahi Mahi. Chicken, beef) and chili rice. The terri beef is esp good. I thought is was short rib last tie I went, but is is just sliced beef