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Feb 8, 2007 08:27 AM

[DFW] Dallas - Dragonfly @ Hotel Zaza question

I see a few links here and there mentioning Dragonfly, but has anyone actually eaten there? I am looking for a review (from someone who has eaten there, not from a mag or blog) or at least food/service info. Been wanting to try, but don't want to get stung.

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  1. I've been to dinner 3 or 4 times but its been at least a year. I went for lunch a week or so ago and enjoyed everything I had, particularly the calamari which comes with greens and asian spices. Different than your normal but very good. Their lunch menu is really scaled down from dinner. From my prior experiences the citrus beef on the dinner menu is outstanding. Service has been good on all of my visits. The only problem is the dinner crowd. You have the hotel guests but especially on the weekends its a 20 somethings crowd of $30,000 millionaires packed at the bar. Tough to enjoy a nice meal in the middle of that so if you go on the weekends, request a table in the back. Ofcourse the decor is pretty outrageous but seems to work in that atmosphere. Hope that helps.

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      It does help, and your description of the atmosphere might explain why no one on this board eats there much... Thank you!! :o)

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        "$30,000 millionaires packed at the bar." :) LOL ;)

      2. My husband and I had lunch there about a year ago. Since it was lunch, I guess the crowd was quiet and older. The atmosphere was neat, but we found the waiter snobby and the food mediocre for the price.

        1. don't you just love snobby waiters?

          1. I'm a little surprised that more isn't said about Dragonfly on Chowhound. I always felt like I was in the Chowhound minority in being less than admiring of Marc Cassel's work when he was at the Green Room in Deep Ellum. The meals I've had at Dragonfly since Cassel took over the kitchen have been, conceptually, pretty similar to what I had in the Green Room. Execution has been the same or better. While the hipster/groover vibe at Dragonfly isn't really my bag, I'll take it over the studied grunge of the old Green Room.

            In the absence of recent reports on Dragonfly, I'd recommend that you look through old posts on the Green Room (for purposes of getting a sense of the food, not the decor):


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              Thank you for the additional info and your opinion... I am not much for a loud, see and be seen atmosphere - I care mostly about the food and service. Atmosphere is last on the list, but if it happens to be swanky, that just adds the nutmeg on the whipped cream!

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                I believe Marc Cassel left Dragonfly in early 2007. That accounts for the menu changing and the food quality not as great.

              2. I've had lunch there a few complaints about the food whatsoever. The decor is trendy and definately not a spot for ultra-conservatives. Service is ok. I would recommend it.

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                  Thanks for the post. I am definately not ultra-conservative, but since I moved from California, I went from right to left in a hurry! Fun is good, fake is bad. Sounds like people have good lunch experiences...maybe we will try that first and see what we think. So many choices, so little room in my tummy!!