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Red Velvet Cake in the West Village

I need to order a red velvet cake for my brother's birthday and I'm wondering where the best place to do that in the West Village would be. There's always Magnolia, but I also heard Amy's Bread is good. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. I generally like Amy's bread and Billy's better than Magnolia, but I haven't had the red velvet cake at either.

    1. I can tell you that both Amy's Bread and Billy's are good, and that Amy's will be the more expensive of the two...Amy's is $42 (I think) and Billy's is about $32-35.

      1. Talk to Deborah at Perry Street Cakes. She works out of her home, everything is completely homemade, and her prices are very reasonable. She's doing my wedding cake. We did taste her red velvet... it was fantastic. There are pics up on her site of some recent birthday cakes she's done.


        1. I'd go with Amy's (on Bleecker)--it is well worth the extra expense. The cake also freezes beautifully, so if you've got leftovers, you can hang on to them before the cake goes stale.


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          1. Amy's has the best Red Velvet in Manhattan...in Brooklyn, I like Cake Man Raven...very rich though and I know quite a trek in this weather.

            1. I have tried the red velvet cake at magnolia and billys both bad. If you realy care about your brother there is no choice but to go to Cake Man Raven in Ft Green.

              1. The red velvet cake I had at Billy's Bakery was dry. Very disappointing.

                I like the red velvet cupcakes at Buttercup.

                1. Balducci's on 14th and 8th ave carries Red Velvet cake and cupcakes by 2 little Hens or little red hens or something similar. I can't say I am the expert on Red velvet but I do know my cakes and this is outstanding: moist and has a cream cheesey/tangy frosting. I have never had the red velvet at Magnolia's but I have never enjoyed their cupcakes.

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                    This is absolutely my recommendation as well. The Balducci's always seems to have both the cake and cupcake version of the TLRH red velvet in stock. It's absolutely fantastic! Incredibly moist cake, and slightly tangy, not too sweet icing.

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                      Inspired by this post, I stopped by Balducci's and got the Two Little Red Hens cupcake. Absolutely delicious. Dangerously delicious. Beats Amy's, I have to say.

                  2. Two Little Red Hens is excelllentttt...their bakery is on the Upper East Side somewhere, but if you can get it at Balducci's I would highly recommend. Magnolia (unfortunately) uses buttercream frosting on their Red Velvet instead of the much preferred and much more authentic cream cheese frosting...

                    1. Amy's Bread's red velvet cake is very good and keeps well

                      1. I agree that the Two Little Red Hens cake is the best. I've only bought it at Balducci's. Not sure what size you need but I only remember them selling cupcakes and small cakes.

                        1. I live very close to Cake Man Raven and still prefer Amy's red velvet...it's not as sweet. Cake Man's is delicious but starts to make me feel sick because it's so sweet. Amy's on the other hand is more subtle and I think the crumb is more delicate. All of the cakes there are delicious, you can taste the quality of the ingredients and they also somehow taste like home-made. I don't know how they make it...maybe Amy's cakes are made with love?

                          1. i just tried magnolia's red velvet cupcake on a whim while walking by last night, and i have to say it was awful. the cake itself was stale, dry and didn't really have much flavor of any kind. the icing tasted like whipped butter. seriously. it wasn't a cream cheese frosting with the tanginess that i like, and it was different from the overwhelming sugary-ness of their regular cupcakes. just a wierd buttery flavor. stick with amy's or 2 little red hens.

                            1. I didn't like Billy's Red Velvet Cake. Too dry.

                              1. I think Amy's is the best for just about everything BUT red velvet. For red velvet, I think Buttercup is the best, as long as you get it superfresh (in general, I think their cupake turnover isnt quite high enough).

                                1. I like Amy's and Two Little Red Hens...