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Feb 8, 2007 08:10 AM

One SixtyBlue

My husband and I going to be in Chicago early April and I'm thinking about One SixtyBlue for dinner. Not being familiar with the area, it looks to be pretty far from the city. We're staying at the Sofitel near the Watertower. Is it an easy cab ride?. Any other suggestions for dinner? We like nice, but not anywhere that requires jacket and tie or is too stuffy. Food quality (obviously) is important, but great service and atmophere are just as important to me. Husband is a steak/meat lover and I'm more fond of seafood. Expensive is fine. Thanks.

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  1. One Sixtyblue is one of my favorite restaurants! It is located in a trendy warehouse/loft district about two miles west of the Loop, Chicago's commercial downtown. Your hotel is in the Magnificent Mile area one mile north of the Loop. It's an easy cab ride, either way.

    The reason I love One Sixtyblue is that the food is unbelievably good - one of those places where everything you order is to die for. Plus, the atmosphere is very hip - neither jacket nor tie is required, and most people don't (although if you dressed up, you wouldn't be out of place either).

    Pat Bruno, the Sun-Times dining critic, recently named it best restaurant of the year. Her original review is here:

    Chicago has lots of great restaurants, of course - dress up places as well as more casual places. One Sixtyblue is my top, number one recommendation of places in the city where you don't need a jacket and tie.

    one sixtyblue
    1400 W. Randolph St.

    1. Let me first say that I am finally giving in to nsxtasy's favorite recommendation and will myself be going to Onesixtyblue in early March. Looks like a great place and I have never tried it. I'm excited at the prospects.

      So not to turn you away from that option, is kind of a hike from the Sofitel, although a couple miles is really just a 15 min cab ride, but onesixtyblue is kind of out there on its own, so you'll probably take a cab to go there, have dinner, and then take a cab back to the hotel area which is much more lively for the rest of the night. But as I said, the food looks exceptional at Onesixtyblue, so it's probably worth the ride.

      In case you're interested, there are lots of other good options in the Gold Coast where you'll be staying, some within a short walk of your hotel. For example:

      Cafe Spiaggia. Not to be confused with the Spiaggia restaurant which is also excellent, but jacket required. They share the same kitchen.

      Le Colonial. French Vietnamese.

      Steak Houses - Gibson's, Dave Burke Primehouse, Kiefers

      Naha - Contemporary American.

      1. go to 160 blue. food is fabulous. one of my very favorites in the city. in the same vein (but i still like 160 better) are mk, naha, and noMI. if you do 160 blue, you can always go have an after dinner drink across the street at the tasting room...and it is not really that far, although since it is out at the end of randolph by itself, it seems that way...

        1. Thanks for all the advise. I think we'll go to One Sixtyblue. We'll be in town for 2 nights, so we'll try one of the recommended places closer to our hotel the other night. Probably naha or one of the steakhouses - I went to MK several years ago when I was in town on business and was not impressed. The menu at naha looks great, but some of the posted reviews say the service is not good. Any opinions? Also, ljero, what is the tasting room? I tried looking it up online and can't find anything. Is it a bar? Winebar? Would love if it's a wine bar - perfect to hit after dinner for wine and cheese (I'm not a dessert person).

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            Tasting Room is a wine bar. Nice cheese plate and many wines by the glass. Make sure you go upstairs there....great views of the city.


            Great for before or after dinner.

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              Tasting Room is the wine bar of Randolph wine cellar literally across the street. Go upstairs for a great view and cheese flight along side a night cap or you can get into a cab to go to the new wine bar Juicy Wine Compnay, which also has great cheese flights and wine (upstairs). For steakhouses downtown, Gibsons is always fabulous and fun (and you can walk from your hotel), but if you want something also good, trendier, try David Burke's Primehouse in the James hotel. You always have Cru closeby for a glass of wine, too. Enjoy!